Your plants… well sheltered !: Care for plants in autumn

Your plants… well sheltered !: Care for plants in autumn

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In attics and terraces, exposed to wind and cold, to protect plants and pots extra precautions must be taken during winter.

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Place screens that protect them from the gusts of freezing north winds. Use hibernation covers or covers for the most delicate specimens; better if they move to a sheltered place or are placed on a wall facing south.

Quilts the substrate, with pine bark, straw, even compost, to shelter the roots in pots. Wrap sherds that can be broken by cold with burlap or geotextile mesh. If it does not rain, water, because the risk of frost, the soil will have greater thermal inertia.

The plants for balcony and terrace, which defy the cold: wallflower, marigold, hellebore, ornamental cabbage, daisy of the meadows and thought.

Tips: always select compact and not too large plants; water them at noon; keep the soil of the sherds moist; and add a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium, if you want them to bloom longer.

The grass of crossbowmen or hellebore

With an elegant and ornamental bearing, while the vast majority of flowering plants rest during the cold period, it is able to bloom in the middle of the snow. It belongs to the rhizomatous herbaceous family, with about twenty species, including the helleborus niger, or Christmas rose, white flower, and the helleborus purpurascens of the photo.

Cultivation: either in the garden, to make a bush-shaped edging, or in a pot - preferably mud and with a diameter of at least 40 cm -, the hellebore is easy to grow.

It grows quickly, if it is placed in semi-shade, and it develops better in a clay soil, rich, organic, moist and well drained.

Original pot cover

Change the look of the plants with an original pot cover. This cement design, by Affari, looks like a paper bag and even has the same folds. Decorated with chalk effect motifs, measures 21 x 21 x 18 cm (€ 14.10).

A Nordic Watering Can

If you take care of the design of furniture and accessories, the shower for your indoor plants should be at the same level ... Of refined line and galvanized steel -which does not rust- the model Vattenkrasse, from Ikea, in ivory and with a golden handle, it is so attractive that it will become a decorative object (€ 9).

Sustainable cultivation

In How to start your permaculture garden You will learn a lot about this new agricultural and horticultural model, which does not deplete the land and takes care of both the soil and the human being who cultivates it.

A recommended reading if you want to convert a piece of plot into an orchard, start planting on the roof, or recover that land almost forgotten by your grandparents. Edit Errata Naturae (€ 10.35).

Flowers to give away

If you are already thinking about Christmas gifts, and this year you want to get it right… you can order some flowers or give something original, like a floral workshop; an experience that will remain in the memory of the person who receives a card to make it, like this one from the floral designer Anna Álvarez, from Floritismo.

Enter its website to see the dates of 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza and Madrid.

In the Workshop on Disarmament I: you learn to make a simple arrangement with the grid technique (€ 65 and 70), and in the Workshop on Disarms II, another one more elaborated with the technique of pin frog (€ 75 and 80) .


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