This summer, take care of the sun

This summer, take care of the sun

The outdoors invites us to enjoy. But to do it fully and without risks it is essential to protect our skin and that of our family from the sun. The Spanish firm of Babaria cosmetics It has a complete proposal to take care of the skin of adults and children before, during and after sun exposure. There is a suitable product with specific characteristics for each case, for normal or sensitive skin. Sun protection in conventional format or in spray for the body or face, protective lipstick, hair protector and conditioner, gelatin textured bronzer, dry oil or milk, express bronzer or aqua bronzer ... Babaria has the product you need this summer. Find out!

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Hair suffers in summer and needs specific care. The sun, chlorine, salt ... are external agents that can damage it and make it rough. Even if you use caps, scarves and caps during the hours of exposure, it is advisable to apply specific products that keep it protected, shiny and soft.

The hair conditioner for beach and pool, Babaria, you can not miss in your bag. Take it wherever you go. It has UVA and UVB filters to protect the hair from solar radiation. And also, untangle and define after bathing as it nourishes and softens. Use it before and after bathing for a perfect result.

Go to and discover all the brand's products and the advice and care for your skin and hair.

Facial creams with aloe vera, which delay the appearance of wrinkles

The face is the mirror of the soul. We all like to look tan in summer and forget about makeup for a few months. But we fear wrinkles, so it is essential to protect the face from the sun, one of the main causes of skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Babaria has facial sun creams with aloe vera with a high protection factor (30) and very high (50+) and a combination of vitamins C and E, which delay the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, this product incorporates active tanning accelerators to achieve the desired "good face" tone before.

Did you know that all Babaria products are dermatologically tested (not tested on animals)? Quality is the main objective of all cosmetic products of the firm for which they control each of the manufacturing phases.

Neat and tanned skin in record time and for longer

For those who want to look tan from the first moment without giving up a well-groomed and hydrated skin there is a suitable product: express suntan, of Babaria, is presented in a spray invisible application and immediate absorption, which provides a uniform and homogeneous tan.

It contains coconut, carrot oil and active tanning accelerators and helps prolong the tone for longer.

Search your store for this summer's promotion: with the 200 ml spray spray bronzer, Babaria gives you sunglasses to preserve your eyes.

A line of sun protection and after sun for children

Babaria's children's products take care of the skin of the little ones. Prepare the kit for the summer with the essentials to apply at times of sun exposure and then to soothe your skin. Babaria solar products follow the new European recommendation: they protect against UVB rays (causes of sunburn or burns) and UVA rays (causing premature skin aging). What sunscreen format do you prefer for your little one?

Solar milk in spray High Protection (SPF 50). It contains aloe vera, which for its healing and regenerative properties is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

Spray solar infant spray (SPF 50). It contains aloe vera. This format allows the most comfortable application since the product is sprayed and distributed evenly over the body.

Sun milk Very high child protection (SPF 50+) in inverted bottle format.

And after sun exposure, a after sunInfant moisturizing and with relief effect. It contains aloe vera and bisabolol, which favor the retention of water on the skin and thus maintain hydration. Your little one won't peel.