20 Bases for charging mobile phones

20 Bases for charging mobile phones

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Advertising - Keep reading below Take advantage of wasted spaces

Normally the side of the furniture that bare and without a purpose. But here, they hung a rail near an outlet, with a phone basket and a "load here" sign. Ideal!

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Photo: Polka Dots in the Country

Charger for him and her

Keep the phones in order with this lovely station to connect mobiles that will surely prevent fights over who has taken the charger from whom.


Pocket format

If the plugs are right in the middle of the wall, use a hook and a cloth bag to charge the phone. The best thing is that you can choose the fabric you like best.

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Phone stand

We have all been in the situation where there is a telephone plug, but nowhere convenient to put it. Get this affordable idea from Etsy.

Organize mobile phones as dishes

You know we are big fans of hackers of IKEA, and this new use for one of its organizers is no exception. You can place all the family tablets in the compartments to keep them safe (and charge them!) Overnight.

For keys and phone

Doesn't it happen to you that the mobile phone and the keys are the two things we never found when we are leaving home? This tray, with a hole to place a charging cable on the back, will help you maintain order even when you're in a hurry.

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Wall bracket

If you no longer have room on the bedside table, this wall bracket could be a solution. In addition: you have it available in several colors that will add a bright touch to any room. On Etsy.

Support for iPhone & Apple watch

A handmade geometric support. This charger for your phone and watch looks like a work of art. On Etsy.

Bamboo mobile base

Hide all the unsightly cables in this bamboo charging base with space to charge four devices at once. Amazon

Organizer and charging base

A charging station in slate gray that will be ideal in any home office. On

In a frame

Use your creativity with a frame and wooden moldings to make this load base. Ideal for cooking if you need to open recipes on your phone or tablet while cooking.

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Custom Wood Charging Station

This elegant wooden base keeps everything organized and ready to use at any time. Record dad's initials and it could be a perfect gift for Father's Day. On Etsy.

In a book

Make your phone charger seem part of your reading routine before bedtime. It will make your bedside table neat and beautiful.

Tutorial on Caught on a Whim »

Usuna panera in the kitchen

Do you usually use a breadbox to hide the mess? Instead, add a shelf and make holes in the back to store and charge tablets and mobile phones; Close the lid when you want to hide the chargers.

Tutorial in Four Generations One Roof »

Use a vintage bag

If your house has a retro atmosphere (or even if it is not), this base will add a color note. We especially love that the inside of the top also acts as a place to store important notes.

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A wall mounted cabinet

This organizer hides the cables while the phones are placed on top. The holes in the back allow you to put the cables through the top so that the plugs remain hidden from view.

Instructables Tutorial »

In decorative boxes

Each gadget you need to charge (phones, cameras, tablets) fit in one of these boxes, which when stacked are high enough to hide the plugs.

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Wooden box

This wooden box has a new purpose for ordering all its technology accessories after a bright green update and relocation near a kitchen outlet. It is large enough to fit all your essentials.

Tutorial at At Home With the Bakers »

For the entire family

All you need is a shoe box to hide the cable clutter of the whole family. Here, five holes were made in the side of the box so that each person can connect their phone at the same time and in the same place.

Jillee's One Good Thing Tutorial »

All out of sight

And when all else fails, use a box to hide a power strip and the magazines. If you put this box in the TV and audio cabinet (as it should!), You can also add a plug for the TV and lamps.

Tutorial in Simplette »

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