A well decorated 50 m2 flat

A well decorated 50 m2 flat

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A simple Ikea furniture was placed to house the TV and some books and ornaments and, on it, two long Lack shelves, also from Ikea. Next to the sofa with chaise-longue, in chocolate-colored leather and raw upholstery, the coffee table with glass top, Totem, so as not to recharge the environment, in K7.


On a fluffy carpet of wool in raw tone, the table was placed in white wood and the upholstered chairs, of Accent. Beside, a practical cabinet cabinet, Muscari, to store dishes and glassware.


It has a table with wooden easels and green glass top, Crespo Glassware, and a white swivel chair, Buy and Decorate.


In the kitchen, distributed in two lines to take better advantage of the elongated floor, the white DM furniture with high and low cabinets and drawers was preserved. The oven and the extractor hood are from Teka and the washing machine, from Aspes.


Under the window was placed a piece of furniture with wheels and metal worktop, purchased at Compra y Decora. From the same store is the lifting and rotating bench.


In the bedroom an original headboard was made with a wooden frieze that was later found out. The bed has been dressed with a quilt of gray and pink stripes, Texture. The floor lamp is Accent.


A white Pergo Uniq floor was placed in the bathroom with a water-repellent treatment. The washbasin cabinet and the faucet is from Compra y Decora and the toilets, the model Elia, from Gala.


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