A flat decorated in detail

A flat decorated in detail

In calm tones and with great detail. This is the interior design of this Coruña family apartment. When the owners considered transforming their home, they put themselves in the hands of Ana Moreira Interiorismo, a study that was in charge of the integral reform.

150 square meters, distributed in a hall, a living room, a kitchen with pantry, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A perfect base for a family, who now feels their most homely home.

The objective of the reform was to renew the general image but also gain in functionality. The result is fresh, comfortable and elegant.

Advertising - Continue reading below In neutral tones

The soft colors are the common thread of the living room, which shares space with the dining room, located in front of the window. In the living room, a large sofa, a bookcase and a television module.

In this project, Ana Moreira, has given prominence to the oak wood in the common areas-lobby and living room-dining room, combining a natural finish with dyes, skins and lacquers.

With bookstore

Ana Moreira Interiorismo has opted for a circular table for the dining room and upholstered chairs, in the same line as the sofa, wide, for the whole family. The two glass coffee tables are very light.

On the wall, behind the sofa, a large bookcase, signed by cabinetmaker Luis Morais.

For the upholstery of the living-dining room, spikelet and crow's feet fabrics have been chosen in neutral tones, all of them from Güell-Lamadrid. Carpet, from KP.

Color notes

The sofa with chaise-longue distributes the space. The notes in pink energize the set.

Seating area

In the living area there is a wooden bench-type module with the TV and a reading corner next to it with an armchair and a floor lamp.

On the floor a carpet in neutral tones delimits the area.

Passage area

On the ceiling, a strip of adjustable spotlights. In the image, the detail of the passage area towards the dining room from the entrance.


The door through which the lounge is accessed is sliding. In the background, a light console, a mirror and a lamp in the hall.

The hall has been decorated with a paper on the wall of geometric lines, from the Elite Decor firm.

Receiver Detail

In the entrance area Ana Moreira Interiorismo opted for a paper on the walls in neutral tones and a slight dotted motif. On the console of our reader a lamp, a floral arrangement and a bowl to leave the keys.

The console cover has been covered in leather, the same used in the stool, by Absolute Breton. The lamp with horse figure stand is from Thai Natura and the vinyl carpet, from KP.

The kitchen

The kitchen has two areas: work and dining room. Between them, one of the furniture fronts with the plate and the extractor hood embedded in the false ceiling.

It is the room that has changed the most. The porcelain floor that extends into the wall to create a sense of unity.

White furniture without handles and countertop and sink, from Corian, in white color too.


The kitchen has natural light and lots of maplitude. In front of the work area a glass door hides a pantry.

The wall paper is from delitis and the paintings, from Fornasetti, in Frames.

Full kitchen

In detail: the kitchen has two areas and several elements that complete and prepare it for day to day. In the work area, the roof has a lower element and an ambient light. In the dining room area, a store front with the fridge, oven and microwave.

The office

The glass table and the white chairs fit in the current style of the kitchen.

The bedroom

On the wall a classic floral paper decorates the front of the headboard. Symmetry with virtually identical elements on both sides of the bed has been sought.

Wallpaper, by Güell-Lamadrid. The headboard is upholstered in raw linen.

Reading corner in the bedroom

In one corner of the bedroom, a reading corner with an armchair and a floor lamp has been created next to the bookstore.

Mirror table and lamp, from Thai Natura.

Color notes in the bedroom

The furniture of straight lines is dyed in an original and feminine lilac tone. Coffee table and dresser, by Vedra Interiorismo.

The light sneaks into the bedroom

Through a large window with light curtains.

Another bedroom

This bedroom is decorated in neutral and brown tones. Ana Moreira was looking for a more masculine style. On the wall, a spikelet paper, which merges with the headboard upholstered in beige suede.

The touch british They put it in the fabrics of paintings. The furniture is made of stained oak. Table lamps, by Aromas del Campo.


With a set of wall coverings, baseboard half-height tile and color wallpaper on the top.

The paper is from the firm Élitis.