Create a stylish dining room

Create a stylish dining room

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The expert's advice, to create a stylish dining room

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 A decoration with soul

The best recommendation for an ideal dining room is to put part of you in your decoration, pamper every detail and let your tastes and preferences shine. If for example you have some old chairs, maybe you can paint them or restore them and combine them with newly acquired furniture. Don't worry about mixing finishes and styles, they will be your personal stamp. Everything is from La Redoute.

2 Warm and super current

Do you fancy having a modern dining room? A good combination is to choose a wooden table, which brings warmth to the space, and add a brushstroke of color with chairs of different colors. Everything is from La Redoute.

3 Attention to details

What pictures do I put in the dining area? What is the most appropriate light? The complements that surround this space are fundamental if we want to achieve a very attractive atmosphere for lunch or dinner with our guests. In this dining room, Kenay Home, for example, opted for pastel geometric patterns and twin pendant lamps. The end result is fantastic.

4 Lifetime furniture

Recover that old file cabinet and turn it into a cute sideboard for your dining area. This one is from Car Möbel.

5 A bit of everything

The eclectic style stars in this dining room with a mixture of modern furniture, others in natural wood and wool accessories. A simple and successful bet where warmth prevails. Everything is from Bloomingville.

6 Of great help

If there is little space in your dining room for an auxiliary support furniture, opt for the usual waitress; In aged gold it will be integrated in any corner. From the firm Car Möbel.


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