10 original and fun carnival costumes

10 original and fun carnival costumes

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Individual costumes, but also for couples and even for whole families. These are the most original proposals, seen on Pinterest.

More costumes:

- DIY costumes
- Carnival mask

Advertising - Keep reading below A bowl of cereals

You will be soaked in milk. Dress up as a bowl of cereal.

Seen on Pinterest.

The cookie Monster

Triki? And your cookies or cookies!

Source: Pinterest

A beekeeper family

Beekeeper, bee and honeycomb. A piece of the chain of the beekeeper family for each one.

Seen on Pinterest.

A thief family

Black panalones for everyone, striped t-shirt and a hat. Essential! The mask, a black scarf or black retal to which you cut your eyes.

May one of you carry a sack full of money (stolen).

Seen on Pinterest.


Without complications. A cowboy bib, yellow tights, yellow shirt and a DIY hat that you can do with a yellow wool hat that you can wear thick wool strips in black.

Glasses and ... look for Gru!

Seen on Pinterest.

A donut

Use the eva gum to shape your donut. Colorful noodles (topping) You can make them with cardboard rolls of colored toilet paper.

Seen on Pinterest.

A rabbit in the top hat

A wizard with a hat and a rabbit to make appear.

Seen on Pinterest.

Pina Colada

Or without straining, but pineapple after all. Simple and stylish If you have the yellow dress (also pants and t-shirt), you only have to make with green rubber or cardboard the green ornament of the leaves of the head.

Source: Pinterest


Become not a palomine but the entire cardboard beaker. They will want to take you to the movies.

A striped skirt, a shirt dotted with tissue paper balls and voila! You will have a very costume delish

Seen on Pinterest.

A black and white photo

Vintage dresses and makeup, simulates a black and white photo. No need to look through the lens to see you photographed.

Seen on Pinterest.


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