Quick and effective tricks with products we all have at home

Quick and effective tricks with products we all have at home

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Water stains on wood. If you are on time, absorb spilled liquid with a cloth and dry with a dryer. If there is still a mark, spread a little mayonnaise on the stain and rub with a cotton cloth until it disappears.

Cshimmerless glass. Create your own cleaner by mixing a part of vinegar with four of water. Spray and clean with a cloth. To polish them and eliminate shine and fluff, use old nylons.

Collection environment Zanzibar, from Scion, in Pepe Peñalver.

LaughSliding doors. Remove dirt from the rails and guides of the sliding doors, putting in the hole a roll of toilet paper or kitchen paper that fits. It will drag dirt to the side and there you can pick it up more easily with the vacuum cleaner.


The washing machine ... is also cleaned!

It is necessary to do it periodically to improve machine performance and avoid unwanted stains and odors on clothes. Start with the drum, putting a program of more than 30º C with the empty washing machine and half a cup of white vinegar in the soap dispenser. Clean the rubber by passing a cloth moistened with liquid detergent and then drying it well. Do not forget to disassemble and remove the remains of the filter.


Say goodbye to mites

Mattress Girl from Kave Home.

Take advantage of the weekly change of sheets, to pass the vacuum cleaner throughout the mattress and wash the cover if you had it. If there are stains, rub them with a cloth dampened with soap and water. Make a deeper cleaning to eliminate bacteria and neutralize odors, spreading baking soda on the surface. Let stand about 3 hours and remove with a vacuum cleaner.

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Kill the mold in the bathroom

Ikea bathroom.

You no longer know what to do to remove it from silicone gaskets? It's very simple, you just have to mix 1/4 of a glass of warm water with 3/4 of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a jar. Mix and wait for the reaction to end. Spray on the silicone and leave on for 30 minutes. Rub with a toothbrush, rinse with hot, dry water. If it has been installed for a while, it is best to renew the silicone. Avoid Mushrooms drying the shower after each use.

Fight it!


If you want your ring to look like the first day, soak it in warm water, rub with your hands and dry. If it has already darkened, spray with water, apply toothpaste and rub with a soft cloth.

In a safe way

Mini grater Petit, from Casa.

When you finish grating cheese, you will see that your grater is full of fat. If you want to remove it easily and without damaging your fingers, pass a potato and the starch will drag it completely. Rinse and go!

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