Tricks to get a good night's sleep

Tricks to get a good night's sleep

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We would all like to transfer the comfort of a hotel room, with clean and fresh sheets every night, to our own bedroom. However, not much effort is necessary to achieve a restful sleep.
Christabel Majendie, a sleep therapist at NaturalMat, says: "Many bedrooms are inadequate to achieve quality sleep. Research shows that improving the room's environment can increase the chance of getting a restful night." So what can we do? These are some of Majendie's advice:

1. Tranquility, darkness and freshness
Sounds obvious, but darkness helps your body get the most out of sleep, so you should invest in thick curtains (or use a sleep mask). It is also good that you lower the light of electronic devices to a minimum, and move the router to another room to avoid any kind of contamination. Noise is another of the great enemies of sleep. The solution? Buy earplugs at the nearest pharmacy. And if your room is too hot, try to keep a window open, especially in summer, as Christabel indicates.

2. Forget about thick pajamas
Some studies have shown that sleeping naked improves sleep quality, says Christabel. "It helps your body regulate its temperature, without altering it by heat."

3. Outside electronic devices!
Your bedroom should only fulfill two functions: rest and sex, says Christabel. "It's time to ask yourself: Do I really need all these devices here? Keeping your bedroom free of these elements will strengthen your association with sleep."

4. Write your worries before bed
Leave your problems at the bedroom door, says Christabel. Worry is one of the biggest inconveniences at bedtime. "Regardless of the concerns you have, give yourself a calm time. This will help you sleep better, and in the morning you can face them more strongly." Christabel suggests spending 10-15 minutes each day writing your problems and thinking about solutions.

5. Choose a suitable bedding
Choose good quality sleeping materials, comfort is important! Christabel advises to opt for the following:

- Breathable: A well ventilated mattress will keep you free from heat.

- Hypoallergenic: If you are allergic to common fibers, it is important that you choose bed linen with allergy protection.

- Anti-mites: There are several products that prevent mites, and they are worth considering since these little creatures can irritate your skin and alter sleep.

Via: Good Housekeeping UK


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