A modern kitchen with pop design in color blocks

A modern kitchen with pop design in color blocks

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This newly built house in Ghent, Belgium, is not just any home, and its interior welcomes one of the most original open concept kitchens we've seen in the life. Designed by the Dries Otten Interior Design Studio for a family with two children, the kitchen stands out for the use of color in blocks that are responsible for ingeniously dividing the different spaces, where the living room and dining room are also arranged.

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Being a newly built house, interior designers were afraid that the decoration would be too cold and tasteless, and raised the project with the aim of adding a touch of character that would make you think of a house with history, as if it had been standing for several decades and the design had evolved.

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To get it, they gave a different finish to each part of the kitchen, and included a mobile area that could be used as a central island or as a bar for parties.

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Since the kitchen and living room share the same space, interior designers chose to hide the oven. In this way, nobody would say that it is a kitchen with the naked eye.

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Expert Council: The team of interior designers always bets on combining expensive and economical materials in the same project. Thus, the former are used to highlight specific areas, and the latter are used as functional elements, realizing that getting a kitchen ten is not a matter of investing a fortune.


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