This smart comforter can save your relationship

This smart comforter can save your relationship

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Inside. Night. A couple in pajamas prepares to get into bed when a question breaks the calm of the room: Do we turn on the air conditioning? Behind her, an awkward silence and a tense look that hides behind her an irreconcilable disagreement about the perfect sleeping temperature.

Is this scene familiar to you? If you have answered in the affirmative, we are pleased to inform you that there is already a solution for you and your bed partner to sleep together and in peace. Smartduvet Breeze, as the answer to your pleas has been called, it is an intelligent quilt that allows you to control the temperature through a app. This structure, which is placed between the padding and the duvet cover, has a two-way air conditioning thanks to which each person regulates the temperature they want on their side of the bed, being able to heat or cool until they reach it. The ducts that run through this quilt distribute the air you take from the room and that has previously been heated or cooled. In addition, it eliminates moisture, reduces sweat and prevents the appearance of mites.

If you are already rubbing your hands, we tell you all at a price of 175 euros.

Although all seem advantages, we can think of some inconveniences that we launched as a question in case they can improve them in the next version: And if we want to sleep in an embrace? What happens if we share the bed with more than one person? For when a comforter that changes the sheets also automatically?

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