An old gold mine converted into housing with sea and mountain views

An old gold mine converted into housing with sea and mountain views

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Do you see that terrace that stands above the grove? Well, instead of imagining yourself in it contemplating the sea, and that it is only in a dream, we inform you that you can make it come true. And it is that this beautiful house built on an old gold mine in the idyllic Californian region of Big Sur, is for sale.

From mythical writers such as Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller or Hunter S. Thompson, to artists such as photographer Ansel Adams, and even musicians like Trent Reznor, they have fallen into the networks of this magical corner of the country, but ... Who is missing? It is a sparsely populated mountain area with spectacular beaches, south of Monterey. Isn't it a bucolic environment?

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More than 13 hectares of land surround this rustic mansion whose main building is distributed in three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, several terraces and a large jacuzzi. All accompanied by spectacular views of a cliff above the sea, a forest of virgin trees, a waterfall of natural water, and the old access pit to the gold mine.

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The original miners' rooms were reinvented becoming the current kitchen. An environment that shares space with the main entrance door and the discreet hall integrated in the area.

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But if all this has left you with your mouth open, get ready to see the bedroom ... An oasis of peace with access to the terrace, and more than enviable views of the sea and the mountains.


The relaxation continues outside. Apart from several terraces where to dine and watch the sunset, the jacuzzi It is crowned as the best plan to disconnect. Now you will understand why ...

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All energy is obtained through a system of solar panels, and the water comes from a spring. Come on, there is no excuse that is worth not having a house like this by the sea. Well, maybe the price, and it costs a whopping 2 million euros ... but worth it, it's worth it!

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Information: Courtesy of Top Ten Real Estate Deals.


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