Banner with children's illustrations

Banner with children's illustrations

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- A children's book with illustrations.
- A paper triangle to make the template.
- Cotton bias tape (for sale in haberdashery).
- Yellow thread or the same color as the tape.
- Scissors and pencil.
- Sewing machine.
- Thumbtacks.

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Make your cloth garland and reserve it for those special occasions. Face two pennants upside down, sew them on the longer sides, cut off the excess fabric and turn the pennant before sewing its base to the bias tape. Apply some felt letters if you want your banner to include a message.

Silhouette marking

Move the triangle-shaped template to the chosen book sheets. Start by an edge
on the page and pencil the silhouette of the figure. Repeat the operation as many times as pennants have your garland. Ours is fifteen.

Cut off banner

Cut the triangles with scissors. To do this, follow the line drawn with the pencil. If it is the children who are going to cut, choose for them a scissor with rounded edges.

Sewn of banner

Order the cut pennants to start sewing. Fold the end of the tape and make a stitching of about 20 cm to close it. Then insert a pennant into the open edge of the ribbon and sew it.

Order of pennants

Leave a slight separation and insert another pennant on the ribbon. Pass the machine from the free zone that separates the two triangles until sewing the second flag. All the tape must be tightly closed.

Sewn from the whole area

Leave a free space again and enter the third pennant. Sew the entire area and repeat this same operation until you reach the last flag. Try to leave the same distance between one and the other and be careful so that the stitching is as straight as possible.

Garland finish

Once all the flags are sewn, leave 20 cm of tape at the other end. Cut it, cook it and close it until it reaches the end. You will have your wreath completely finished and ready to place it on the wall of your children's room. You can fix it with pushpins or dowels.


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