Recipes against heat: homemade orange in 3 minutes

Recipes against heat: homemade orange in 3 minutes

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Temperatures have started to rise as fast as the rental of apartments, and although drinking water is still the easiest and best option to end thirst, we want to propose a very special and sparkling orange recipe, which you can make at home in matter of ... 3 minutes!

- 10 juice oranges
- 1/2 liter of sparkling water
- 2 tablespoons brown cane sugar


First of all, cool the carbonated water for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Then squeeze the oranges and reserve the juice.

In a bottle, preferably glass and with the help of a funnel, pour the sparkling water, the orange juice, and add the two tablespoons of sugar.

Close the bottle and shake. Store it in the fridge for another hour.

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