'Healthy' lemonades to always have in the fridge

'Healthy' lemonades to always have in the fridge

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Who doesn't like a good refreshing glass of lemonade? Starting from the basic recipe made with lemon juice, we give you some ideas to add new flavors to the repertoire. You can create several combinations and store them in airtight bottles in the fridge. Ready to drink fresh at any time!

Ingredients for the basic recipe (for 10-12 glasses):

- 11 and a half cups of lemon juice

- 1/4 cup sugar

- 5 cups of water

And now…

To make classic STRAWBERRY lemonade

... replace the lemon cups with 11 and a half of strawberry juice.

To make menthol peach lemonade

... add 3 peaches (in juice or chopped) and 2 fresh mint leaves.

To make RASPBERRY lemonade

... add fresh raspberries (sliced ​​or in juice) and three sliced ​​peaches.

To make SANDÍA lemonade

... add 5 cups of watermelon juice.

To make LAVENDER lemonade

… Add 1 cup of sugar, 7 fresh lavender leaves, half a cup of lime juice and 2 teaspoons of honey.

To make PINEAPPLE lemonade

... add a cup of pineapple juice and squeeze a lime.

To make MINT lemonade

… Replace the lemon cups with 11 and a half cups of lime juice and add a handful of fresh mint leaves.

To make lemonade from GRANADA

... substitute the lemon cups for 11 and a half cups of pomegranate juice.


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