Do you know how to recycle well?

Do you know how to recycle well?

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Altering me

Surely you've ever doubted where you have to throw an object you want to get rid of. Plastic, paper, organic or glass. We have more internalized the concepts of recycling but there is still much to do. We must continue to implement the separation of waste at home with a container for each category.

And to do it right, we review what you can throw in each container. Are you sure you are recycling well? Check it.

Plastic containers, cans and briks to the YELLOW CONTAINER.


Cardboard and paper containers always in the BLUE CONTAINER.


Glass containers, bottles, jars and jars to the GREEN CONTAINER / CHURCH.


And in the CONTAINER OF THE REMAINS? All that are not containers or that do not have a specific collection system in the municipality, must be deposited in the waste container.


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