How to make muffins inside Easter eggs

How to make muffins inside Easter eggs

Every Easter, we decorate Easter eggs and make delicious recipes. But now a blogger has discovered how to combine the two activities to take the decoration of Easter eggs to another level.

In this excellent tutorial (sorry, we have to say it), Stefani Pollack, the author of the blog Cupcake Project, shows us how to use real eggshells as wrappers for cupcake. In his viral Instagram video, you will see how carefully he makes a hole in each egg, empties it of its contents, and then fills the egg with the lemon and cream dough. Would you dare to do it? You just have to watch the video and get down to work:

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Have you made my cupcakes baked in real egg shells yet? They truly amaze my friends and family when I serve them. Get the step by step recipe by clicking the link in my profile. // Check out my profile on @ darbysmart's iPhone app for more of my how to videos! Do you want to live the dream? I grew my Instagram account by over 300k followers in one year and want to show you how! Join my business partner @grillinfools and me for a FREE online webinar where we spill our Instagram growth secrets. Click here or the link in my Instagram profile to sign up. //… #easter #easterbrunch #easteregg #easteregg #surpriseinside #cupcakes #cupcakeclasses #cupcake #instacupcakes #instacupcake #cakevideo #cakevid #video_tutorial #videooftheday #videogram #foodwinewomen #foodstyling #thefood #eatfeed #featfeed #featfeed #featfeed #bakefeed #marthabakes #dessert #breakfast #eggs

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If, like us, you can't wait to try this original sweet for Easter, copy the recipe in Cupcake Project.

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