When gardening meets design

When gardening meets design

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There is no better feeling than experiencing how the mood rises when you are surrounded by nature, the feeling of soft grass on the feet, the sweet smell of flowers, the views of lush vegetation. So it is not surprising that furniture designers are looking for new ways and inspirations to incorporate more green into our homes.
"Living furniture" (furniture) are furniture and accessories that are much more than simple pots. They are functional, practical and comfortable furniture, not to mention beautiful. Furniture designers, retailers and even artists are offering all kinds of home decor pieces, both large and small.

This pin on Pinterest. This pin on Pinterest.

There are also larger pieces, such as Jailmake's pot, Michel Bussien's chair, and Zhuo Wang, which are almost artistic furniture.

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Not only are they beautiful, these pieces are potentially good for your mental health as well, since surrounding yourself with nature and plants can help reduce stress levels, according to a recent study by the University of Twente in the Netherlands. In addition, many of these designs by having vegetation will improve the air quality in your home.

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While many of the pieces are considered art installations or are still in the testing phase, there are many DIY projects that allow you to experiment at home, such as this table with succulents for the living room or for the porch or lawn chair. Now your obsession with gardening can enter the house!

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