14 children's dressing rooms so they feel like Disney stars

14 children's dressing rooms so they feel like Disney stars

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That they are small does not mean that they cannot be presumed or fashionistas, and with such dressing rooms, it is not for less!

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A coat rack decorated with a garland of lights ... It's so beautiful that you can't stop looking at it!

Pinterest: Elsa Mejan

With personality

Red and blue, two colors full of energy for a dressing room that is nice to see.

Pinterest: Decoserendipity

Natural beauty

We do not know if it is a dressing room or a work of art, but what is clear is that it is beautiful!

Pinterest: Valeria Varrantes


The color pink will always be a favorite, it is inevitable!

Pinterest: Ann Schnelle


Under the berth, the best way to save space!

Pinterest: Gloria Isabel Garcés Botero


Minimalist, bright ... and cute!

Pinterest: Marin4mos


Have you noticed that the drawer handles are bunny heads?

Pinterest: Rosa María Pareja-Cobos

Rustic Chic

The most form chic and original to use a wooden log!

Pinterest: Bambi


As if by magic, a dressing room that appears only when you want!

Pinterest: Amaya Cardoso Latorre

Open space

In addition to his clothes, with this closet there will also be room for decoration.

Pinterest: Style and Deco

Unicorns to power

Full of fantasy, this is the dressing room decorated with the head of an adorable unicorn.

Pinterest: Eva R


The bohemian style also triumphs among the kids, and we are delighted!

Pinterest: Jahir Vargas Osorio

Golden Polka Dots

A detail as simple as decorating the wall with golden polka dots will make a difference.

Pinterest: Diana Rojo

Small collection

By size, by colors ... Orders as orders, your clothes will look great on this rack with shelves included!

Pinterest: Amy Mathews


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