Raw: the latest trend in salons

Raw: the latest trend in salons

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From the plate to the table, and never better, because this trend comes precisely from the call raw food, adapting the healthy lifestyle to the decoration. The result? A very natural environment with untreated pieces where beauty resides, precisely, in its innate forms. Join us for a walk on Instagram and Pinterest and we'll show you!

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If you are looking for a coffee table with character and personality, this is perfect. And if you combine it with a rustic-chic style, you will get a very warm and cozy lounge.

Pinterest: Daniella Nova

Log base

A wide and striking coffee table made of logs split in half. Without a doubt, the center of attention in its own right!

Pinterest: MrsPruni

Mix of styles

The variety is the taste, and in this room the untreated wooden table contrasts shockingly with the chairs of modern style.

Pinterest: Patricia Tortosa Binacua

A swing in the living room

With only four wooden boards and four ropes, you can get a swing as rustic as this. And if you add a green blanket of hair that mimics the grass, it will be like being in the field!

Pinterest: Isabel Herminia Núñez

Natural stool

The best way to improvise a natural stool is to use a tree trunk, and it is also beautiful if you mix it with other styles.

Pinterest: José Salguero

Raw shelf

A wooden shelf raw It is ideal to complete a rustic look. And eye to the detail of the box because surely you have a lot like that in the storage room. Time to bring them out!

Instagram: Lauren Fair


This side table shows what style raw It can be as beautiful as natural, and become the jewel of the living room!

Pinterest: Empar LLV

The door

It's that simple. We are sure that you have never seen such an amazing door, at least not us! And also sliding, perfect to save space.

Pinterest: Miguel Kozak

The most natural support

As simple as using a wooden beam and two ropes, make several holes ... and place the lamps!

Pinterest: Alba Rando

In the absence of one

Decorative and functional, these are the trunks that, thanks to their different sizes, are even more aesthetic.

Pinterest: Mónica Söderberg


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