The 10 decoration trends that will reign in 2017

The 10 decoration trends that will reign in 2017

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Why wait until spring to renew your home decoration? Whether you're looking for a total renovation or just want to add the trendy color to your bedroom, the new year is the perfect time to update your home. Luckily, Pinterest has done the job for us researching billions of pins this past year to find emerging trends in various categories. Here you will find the most trends top in decoration of that list, called 100 for 2017, which you will not miss in 2017.

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The rural-chic style that Chip and Joanna Gaines have popularized in the HGTV program Upper fixer will continue to set a trend in 2017.


Pronounced "hu-ga", this Danish concept roughly translated as "cozy joy" is the way in which the Danes survive their long cold winters. Update your blankets, light some candles and snuggle until spring arrives.

Navy blue interiors

The days of totally white interiors have been left behind. Whether you reupholster the sofa with a navy blue fabric or paint the kitchen island in indigo, this dark shade will give your home a modern and fresh air.

Interior garden

Do not think you have to buy a new sofa or paint a whole room to refresh the decoration of your home. Sometimes, a new plant is the only thing you need. Climbers like the ones in the picture have increased their popularity on Pinterest by 250 percent since September.

Marble effect wallpaper

One of the most followed trends last spring has managed to make its way to the walls.


Metals are more fashionable than ever, but copper will be the metal of 2017 according to Pinterest.

Tiling with wood

Goodbye, subway tile. This rustic approach to "tiling" is what it will take in 2017.

Acrylic decoration

Take minimalism to the maximum next year with everything from almost imperceptible frames to transparent coffee tables.

Underfloor heating

Radiant floors will not only keep your feet warm in winter, they can also raise the temperature of a room using less energy than traditional heating methods.

Modern bedside tables

Make your bedroom a small set-up with a couple of new bedside tables. eHow teaches you how to make a DIY that will cost you almost nothing.

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