Lights for outdoor environments

Lights for outdoor environments

Any excuse is good to enjoy outdoors. Therefore, if you take work home, prepare the best scenario: find a good shade on the terrace, take the table from the garden, extend all the work material on it and let yourself be carried away by the trill of birds and that intense smell to wet ground. Given this panorama, it is easy to spend hours flying. Why for illuminate your particular work corner, we suggest you hang a lamp from a branch. If you want me to blend in with the environment, paste with Hot silicone sprigs of artificial ivy inside. The result is spectacular. Surely it covers you much more than in the office!

- Rattan lamp.
- Branches of artificial ivy.
- Hot silicone gun for gluing.

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Placing the lamp right in the center of the table is a good trick so that the low-energy bulb illuminates evenly. Natural materials, such as rattan, are perfect for filtering light and creating soft and warm lighting. Table PS 2012 (€ 149), model rattan lamp Leran (€ 29.99) And Garland Smycka (€ 4.99 / 3.5m), all from Ikea.

Lamp for a fashion corner

Transform a ceiling lamp into an original floor model to illuminate your reading in the garden. Get a log and a long branch. Roll red wire on it Sekond (€ 4.99) and cardboard screen Joxtorp (€ 2.99), from Ikea.

Do you want to invite your friends to an evening on the terrace?

Create a dim lighting with candles, but place them inside lanterns so they don't go out with the wind. Sasa lanterns of Habitat, in bamboo (€ 22 each).

Fun and eco lamps

In addition to decorative, these XL apples are points of light that recharge with the sun to illuminate at night. Solar lamps Solvinden (€ 14.99 each in Ikea).

Original candles

Turn the paper capsules of muffins into delicious candle holders. Molds Sleep (€ 1.99 / 65) and candles Fenomen and Glimmafrom Ikea

Classic lamppost

Made in dark brass with smooth glass diffuser. In addition to street lamps in two different heights -1.35 and 2.07 m-, it is marketed in two other versions: ceiling and wall. The lamppost is the most classic of lighting systems. Model Retro from Unopiú (from € 465).

LED lighting

The pots that light up help create a peaceful atmosphere during summer nights. Model Flower, with LED, 39 cm in diameter and 36 cm high (€ 49.95 at Home).

Use the candle spell to recreate a relaxed and magical atmosphere.

There is nothing more sensual than the small flames shining in the darkness of the night. The latest are flat candlesticks, with several holes to fit the candles. Candlestick (€ 23) and candles (€ 25/3). Everything, from the firm Point à la Ligne.