14 Great ideas to decorate your terrace or garden with taste and style

14 Great ideas to decorate your terrace or garden with taste and style

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No matter the size: if you have a patio, a terrace, and even a balcony, You have a treasure. Transform it into the Zen space of your home with easy ideas and this colorful.

BEAUTIFUL CUSHIONS: Gastón and Daniela fabrics animate the sofa with their cheerful colors and stripes. Meridiana chairs.

Made of work, this multi-seat seat is a great solution for an outdoor living room. The furniture can be painted in any color - green, here - in contrast to the wall. The lanterns light on each side. An aged table and chairs complete the atmosphere.

Styling: Sally Collen. Tim Yang

In the summer months your living room can "double" its surface if you install a cozy living area outside, but attached to the interior, as in the photo. The blue color of the wall marks the border inside-outside.

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In a few square meters, this garden furniture solves a lot: the umbrella, inserted in the center of the table offers shade to all diners alike. At the bottom of the image you can see another good proposal to refresh facades
and decorate them: a maxi lattice of climbing plants.

Bloomingville furniture.

This beautiful set is the best example that furniture and accessories of vegetable fibers are in full fashion. If they are already a few years old, take care of them like this: mix water with salt and hydrate the cane. In damaged furniture, rejuvenate them with an open pore varnish with a few drops of turpentine.

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Your terrace is small? Opt for multipurpose elements: a bench-chest, a trellis to hang plants, light and stackable chairs ... In addition, you will recharge less using two coordinated colors (red, pink) and white background.


If you want to spark a soulless balcony, take note of these ideas. Install wooden floor tiles: they are easily joined with a groove and tongue system. Add an outdoor jarapa and flower pots that enliven the space. And opt for folding table and chairs: they occupy less and stack in a corner.

You do not need special garden equipment to get a nice set on your terrace. Look at the photo: indoor furniture - a stretcher, a sideboard and wooden chairs - create an environment outside ... Spectacular!

Haz, recycle and decorate

Fill your color terrace with simple proposals that you can do in a short time. To do this, give new use to old objects that you have at home. How about turning some wooden boxes on shelves? Paint them with chalk paint (chalk painting) and so you won't have to sand them, since it's very covering. Teapots and jugs will serve as planters for plants, and a wire basket, floral center ...

Move Asian exoticism to your home with the following staging. Choose a large Japanese-style parasol, and create a shadow area with teak, wicker, rattan furniture next to it ... They are materials that hold the sun and rain beautifully. The wood can be easily maintained with oil and teak varnish, products that serve to nourish and recover the color respectively. Finally, take the "jungle" to the terrace with varieties of large plants, such as the delicious monstera, and small trees such as boxwood or Guinea chestnut, assorted palm trees, etc.

Chairs of Reneé Malaval. Lur Bilbao plants.

An old wooden roll for electric cables can become the little table chic from your terrace As in this example. See how well it is next to classic garden chairs. A few plants around and you won't need anything else.

SEASONAL PLANTS: To have color all year round, select plants and shrubs that bloom in each season.

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There is no better formula to decorate a space without grace than to use festive and strong auxiliaries: on dark furniture, the colorful cushions shine. Complete the props With a carpet with geometric lines.

Ceramic sherds are the most suitable for plants, but, in addition, painted ceramic objects - bars, boats, etc. - are beautiful adorning terraces. Choose pieces with motifs that harmonize the same color.

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If you protect the terrace from the sun, the interior will not get so hot and you will save up to 80% on air conditioning. Choose a good awning: with microperforated fabric you will filter 94% of the UV rays and its ventilation will be better. And to strengthen the insulation, cool with green plants, like the ones chosen here.

Peppers, tomatoes cherry, strawberries ... they are very good in pots. These should have a depth of about 30 cm, for the roots. The substrate based on coconut fiber and earthworm humus is the most suitable. Put them in the sun and put tutors on climbing crops.

PANELING: Cover the wall of your terrace with wooden slats to protect this space. Fix them on a skeleton of horizontal slats.


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