Any girl would be delighted to have a bedroom like this

Any girl would be delighted to have a bedroom like this

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Miriam Yeleq

An independent, spacious, bright and personality space. This is the story of how this bedroom was transformed to achieve a dreamlike environment for a girl.

Custom bed

Kenay Home: ceiling lamp Mert, bed and cushions. Banderines, from @teresaabaitua. Miriam Yeleq

The bed, made to measure, has a couch. Its drawers help maintain order and offer an interesting space to store bedding.


Papers: veined, for sale at Pepe Peñalver; The one with rhombus is the Harlequin model, by Kenay Home. Miriam Yeleq

The wall has been protected with two papers. One with a wooden effect as a frieze and on it, another with geometric motifs.

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Miriam Yeleq

At night, the young owner of this bedroom likes to relax with a book. To facilitate reading, a wall lamp was installed that the girl turns on and off without getting out of bed. Its adjustable screen allows redirecting the light beam to different areas.


Furniture, from Ikea. Miriam Yeleq

The storage area was placed in front of the bed. It consists of a closet closet and shelves, which were chosen in white to blend visually with the wall. Thus, the bedroom seems more spacious and natural light is reflected.


little houses

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Mattress Rose mattress

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Anti-dust mites, firm, breathable and athermic, by Maxcolchon.

light strawberry light strawberry

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Wall decoration Tropicool. From Maisons du Monde.


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