The fashion mascot! Get a nice rabbit

The fashion mascot! Get a nice rabbit

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Including a rabbit as part of the family is a great decision. It is a fun, calm and friendly pet. Of course, as with the rest of the animals, knowing their basic care and needs is essential before making the decision. Its varied diet based on fruits and vegetables from the earliest ages, the correct maintenance of nails and teeth and knowing the diseases that can attack the animal, will help you to know it a little better.

Rabbits are herbivorous animals. Until the first six months, the rabbit should be fed with special feed for puppies, which includes special ingredients for proper development. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated gradually after three months, always knowing which ones are best for him depending on his metabolism. For example, green leafy vegetables (except Iceberg lettuce, totally discouraged) especially like them and are very beneficial. Like treats or prizes, others like carrots or peppers. Never give your rabbit dairy or candy. Veterinarians of the veterinary clinic La Romareda They give you here all the feeding tips of these animals.

From a young age, the rabbit should follow a vaccination protocol like other animals to avoid getting diseases such as myxomatosis, a disease of viral origin fatal to the species. Microchipping them with the owner's data is also necessary to be able to locate it in case of loss.

In its first months, your rabbit will tend to bite some objects such as wires. For them, they represent an element of their new habitat that simulates the branches and roots that could be found in freedom. Quiet, it's normal. You can avoid protecting these with cable covers and providing various toys to your pet. Bringing them a stone where they can file their nails and cut them gradually, in addition to providing wooden objects to gnaw, will make your pet healthy and in perfect condition.

Are you willing to make a hole in your home to these little ears? They are very funny and grateful. They will surprise you!


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