The utensils you need to set up a European table this weekend

The utensils you need to set up a European table this weekend

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It's already a good temperature, so if you have a terrace or garden, you can prepare an "election party" abroad to hold the European elections this Sunday. Thus, you will clear the living room, to comfortably watch the TV.

Decor. Create a festive atmosphere. Decorate the house with garlands of flags from all participating countries or colored balloons.

Household. If you invite a good number of friends, it is best to prepare a buffet table in the garden. Put plates and light glasses, to move them easily; Colorful fountains and bowls and decorative details that remember what we are celebrating.

Laura Ashley's atmosphere.

A very European menu. Make a themed dinner with recipes from all the countries of Europe and that each guest is responsible for bringing one. An Italian pizza, a table of French cheeses or smoked salmon from Norway. Not forgetting a good potato omelette or a good plate of ham and German beer.

Set up a table with sweets. Combine the colors of the treats with the decoration and choose fun containers.

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Keep the party going! Prepare drinks for a drink after the election results and enable a space to end the evening with a fun karaoke. Surely you're going to have a blast.

And now we go shopping ... Take a look and see what you're missing.


pennants pennants

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€ 8.99 / 100 pieces

Cocktail sticks with flags on

Trays tray

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Fountain with foot Fountain

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Fountain with foot of Bordallo Pinheiro. Ideal for cakes!

salad bowl

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Crockery bowl, with blue leaf print in Habitat.

Underplates Underplates

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Zara Home blue and yellow vichy platter.

cup glasses

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Embossed yellow cup, by Katie Aice, on

covered 'Salad servers'

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Spoon and fork for salads, on

tablecloth tablecloth

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Blue plastic single from Zara Home.

chair chairs

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79,99 €

Garden chair, style bistrot, from Maisons du Monde.

Jerry can

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Glass barrel with tap, 24,95 €, in stores House.

molds molds

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Capsules with musical motifs, in

Blackboard Brand Dishes

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Mini blackboard with clamp, on


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