We recreate the decoration of the Fargo series

We recreate the decoration of the Fargo series

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What happens when a civilized man joins one who is not? Written by Noah Hawley, the Fargo television series It is inspired by the homonymous film created in 1996 by the Coen brothers. The excellent combination of thriller Police and black comedy causes an irremediable anxiety to discover one chapter after another. Performed by film actors, the artistic team of Fargo says that, in reality, it is not a series of 10 chapters, but a 10-hour movie.

Recently awarded in the 72nd edition of the Golden Globes with the prizes for the best miniseries and the best leading actor (Billy Bob Thorton interprets so murderously the murderer Lorne Malvo that the viewer is even friendly), the series already had three Primetime Emmy awards for best miniseries, direction and casting. With Martin Freeman as co-star, when you see Fargo you will never look at Bilbo Bolsón, of The Hobbit, with the same eyes ...

Advertising - Keep reading below In the icy Minnesota

The series' action takes place in Bemidji, a town in Minnesota. Peace seems to prevail in the town until the arrival of a stranger alters the life of the mediocre and peaceful Lester Nygaard, played by Martin Freeman: Bilbo, for the friends of The Hobbit.

The table of Lester's house

Around her we will discover how Lester's wife reproaches her for her lack of success in life, her weakness and other niceties that do not help precisely increase self-esteem. And at this same table will sit Molly Silverson police in search of information on the second murder of a long list of crimes.
Mesa, by Car Möbel.

The blanket

"Today we are at 14 below zero" is a phrase that is heard more than once in Fargo. With its waterproof jackets and earflaps, the series conveys the cold that punishes Minnesota in the winter. Moreover, low temperatures, ice and snowstorms are key in the development of the plot. When you see her, don't forget to cover yourself with a blanket. In the halls of the series you will see it on sofas and armchairs. This one is from Hübsch Interior.


Part of the action takes place in the cafeteria, a typical American restaurant with homemade cakes, coffee and hot dogs. Its owner, Lou Solverson, was Bemidji's police chief and, layered behind the bar, is aware of the progress his daughter, Molly police, makes to resolve the case.
These sheets vintage They reproduce the atmosphere of coffee shops in deep America. You will find them in La Oca.

It all starts here

Sitting in the hospital waiting room, chance meets Lester with a mysterious stranger while waiting to be treated. Lester, the old school bully just broke his nose. The strange character says: "If I were in his place, I would have killed that man." Thus begins a series of murders and a peculiar relationship between the two protagonists.
This chair, from La Oca, reminds us of those at the hospital.

The washing-machine

Renqueante, outdated, noisy ... If you have not seen the series, stay tuned. Because the old washing machine will play a fundamental role in one of the murders that will change Lester's life. In fact, its replacement by a new model symbolizes the transformation of the protagonist into a different man.
Washing machine, by Beko.

Hunting trophy

Chaz, Lester Nygaard's brother, is a big fan of hunting. Trophies, weapons and traps are a staple in your successful life. His wife is beautiful, work and money smile at him. But sometimes fate is capricious and the future that Chaz dreams of can take an unexpected turn.
This metallic trophy is from Maisons du Monde.

That glass of whiskey offered ...

When in the first chapter, the thug Sam Hess humiliates Lester once more and breaks his nose as a reminder of the beatings he gave him in high school, the spectator feels a fierce dislike for that unbearable guy. But Lester will be charged a sweet revenge, which will begin with a simple "can you give me a drink?"
Game of liquor and glasses, Rue Vintage.

The throne of his ascension

As the series progresses, Lester changes to become a new man. The transformation of his personality will be surprising. Do not miss a fleeting sequence, in which we will see Lester in a restaurant, on an armchair whose design recalls the throne of a king. All a wink. How is it, from Maisons du Monde.

Someone sweats and sweats

Stavros Milos is the rich owner of a supermarket chain. However, the origin of his fortune is hidden behind a secret he has hidden for years. When he is in danger of coming to light, Milos goes to Lorne Malvo, the mysterious character with whom Lester is in the hospital, to prevent him. The problem will make Stavros sweat, and no fan will be powerful enough to relieve it.
This is from Nordal.

Porch surveillance

The spirit of American self-defense is revealed on the porch of the Molly police house. A chair, a shotgun and an angry character form the ideal combination ready to prevent any stranger from harming those who should not. This chair, reminiscent of Molly's, will allow you to enjoy delicious moments outside. Of course, without danger, if possible. You will find it in Nordal.

Home Sweet Home

One of Fargo's greatest charms is the Molly Silverson police. Far from the prototype of the female agent of the law to which the series have accustomed us, Molly is shy and without sex appeal Her intelligence and instinct will do a splendid job, but what will make you adore her is her most intimate facet, like when she knitted on the sofa of her house, wearing slippers and watching a contest on TV. A sofa that looks a lot like this one, by Maisons du Monde.

A strange couple

Lester Nygaard and the mysterious Lorne Malvo weave a close relationship throughout the series. The mystery of "what happens when a civilized guy joins one who is not" is revealed chapter by chapter to show us that, on occasion, life keeps strange aces in its sleeve. If when you finish watching Fargo you have become an unconditional fan of the series, hang these pictures of their protagonists on the wall. Lorne and Lester, strange couple! They are sold on Etsy.com


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