Discover how to reduce calories without sacrificing the taste of your dishes

Discover how to reduce calories without sacrificing the taste of your dishes

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With the arrival of good weather, we began to take more care of what we eat, to try to lose a few kilos and feel better. Simply change some ingredients for others and review how to cook them to reduce calories without losing flavor and, above all, get used
to a healthier diet. You dare?

Simple and light cooking. Forget about breading or batter and use the fryer. You will get healthier results by grilling, grilling, baking or steaming.

Make your own condiments and sauces. Use fresh herbs, spices and citrus, to flavor your meals, and set aside salt and industrial sauces such as Caesar.

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Vegetable Pasta Change the traditional pasta for spiral vegetables such as zucchini, carrot or beet spaghetti.

And for the sweet tooth? Sweeten your desserts with vanilla and cinnamon instead of sugar. Dark chocolate better than with milk and if it is with stevia even more. Take natural yogurts with fruit before flavors.

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The fruit, without squeezing


When we make a juice, we leave a good part of the fiber in the juicer, subtracting work from the digestive system and reducing the ability to calm the appetite given by simply chewing the food. Of the less caloric are papaya, melon, watermelon and strawberries. Opt for milkshakes and smoothies, be prepared with the whole fruit.

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Healthier snacks


Perhaps the most difficult part of a diet is giving up pecking. A good option is to put less caloric snacks. Substitute the peaks for vegetables to dip in sauces, the fries with cabbage chips and dried fruits better than toasted.

The power of avocado


A good way to start the morning is to have toasted bread with mashed avocado, instead of butter or jam. This fruit reduces by 40% the desire to chop something during the next three hours, the perfect ally to avoid going to the refrigerator every two by three.

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White bread: forget about it


They will help you forget about it, without hardly realizing it and feeling satiated, oatmeal, corn or rice pancakes and rye bread.

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