The choice of the extractor hood

The choice of the extractor hood

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The kind of hood AirDeluxe 110 It has an elegant steel body in a black glass panel also bordered with steel.
It stands out for its design, superior power and easy handling.
Its DualCleanAir recirculation system with two filters, retains up to 98% of odors, 25% more than other recirculation systems and is also incredibly silent.

Lighting fixture to not go unnoticed

The additional lighting fixture incorporates LED lights that can be adjusted in intensity and even choose the color using a remote control.
It is installed behind the hood and with an easy installation system.

Only seen while using

The Neff countertop extractor It is discreetly integrated into the kitchen design, especially in kitchens with islands, American or large open spaces.
It is also the perfect solution for small kitchens with space problems since we can hide it when we are not using it.

Countertop Extractor

The countertop extractor It has integrated LED lighting that provides a warm atmosphere. It also has the possibility of operation in air outlet to the outside or in recirculation reaching up to 750 m3 / h, perimeter aspiration filters and TouchControl on the glass surface.

As effective as discrete

The roof extractors They provide a kitchen without obstacles and without limits in the design since the bell does not monopolize the prominence and the space is enjoyed more.
They are the perfect combination of functionality, design and lighting and fit into any kitchen, making it bigger and more comfortable.

The appropriate measure for each kitchen design

Neff has 3 models of roof extractors to adapt to the space of each kitchen (90x90 cm, 120 x45 cm and 90 x 50 cm).
Its halogen lighting can be connected at any time, regardless of whether it is working or not and thanks to its new ClearAir Module accessory, air recirculation is achieved with considerable energy savings (the air is renewed inside the kitchen itself).

The center of all eyes

These bells combine design and functionality and adapt very well to the culinary needs of island kitchens.

Designs that deserve to be the center of any kitchen

The main characteristics of the bells of neff island they are: automatic smoke detection through ultrasonic sensors, perimeter suction system, exclusive soundproofing system, LED lighting, gradual lighting on and off through SoftLight and washable filters.

Gain space in your cooking zone

The inclined design makes space over the cooking zone, achieving optimum ergonomics during cooking.
The German brand Neff has a wide variety of designs, from the most classic to the latest trends in black crystal.

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