The coolest decoration arrives!

The coolest decoration arrives!

Decorate a outer space It means more than furnishing it. Renewing furniture covers, vacuuming dust and placing them is the basics, but you can go further, especially to add charm.

How to get the decoration right?

- Create zones, depending on use and space. The distribution of living room, dining room and solarium is a classic, but if space is reduced, you have to choose.

- Avoid saturation of furniture, Respect the passageways and bet on the folding and multifunction.

- Conditioning the space. The goal is twofold, make it more cozy and renew its aesthetic. The solutions with the greatest visual impact are: change the color of the wall or its coating; place lattices with climbers; create a flowery corner with planters; install a canopy or pergola; replace the old-fashioned pavement with another that with its design, color or arrangement of the pieces, brings beauty.

Some of the above proposals are also excellent methods of concealment, a key factor in urban terraces and, above all, in attics.

- Optimum lighting. It is necessary to carry out a previous study but, in general, it is successful to combine indirect lighting, which creates a peaceful atmosphere and does not dazzle, with another call of enhancement, which turns into a focal point a concrete element, such as a tree, a wall, a source ... That game of chiaroscuro adds a halo of mystery to space.

Advertising - Keep reading under Sofa with chaise longue

With modular furniture it is easy to create different combinations. A single piece of furniture can have several uses: table, stool, seat ... Even, transform a sofa into a chaise longue or a daybed.
Arholma set, from Ikea: furniture and cushions
(from € 80 and € 20).

Vintage sunbeds

The blue color of the blinds is one of the hallmarks of this porch, which covers two vintage sun loungers. Keys to make it more welcoming: the arch formed by climbers and the rich variety of shades of Bohème porcelain stoneware, by Rosa Gres (€ 36.74 / m2).

Modular sofa

Outdoors for months and, in some cases, all year. Sun, rain, pollution ... In winter they can be protected with covers, but not daily in the summer season. Finding out about the materials and their durability is key. The furniture labels and their upholstery indicate when they have a treatment that makes them more resistant. Modular sofa model Nice, from El Corte Inglés; with coffee table (€ 1,795).

Pine fence

The secret of the prettiest gardens - which also works in those with limited space - is to create different functional areas. What resources to use? Trails, beds, flower beds and rockery are just a few. Here hydrangeas gain visual interest with a pine fence, Bauhaus, 1.14 m long (€ 4.99).

Synthetic wood

Outdoor flooring has a high decorative value. The usual thing is to think of wood and ceramics, but there are many more! To get it right, you should know the qualities of each material, and then choose. In this case, a synthetic or technical wood, from Leroy Merlin (€ 41.69 / m2) was installed.

Awning of invisible arms

There are terraces and patios that are not used in the hottest hours. For them, the solution may be an awning, with invisible arms, like this one. It has two more advantages: it provides privacy and if it extends, even if you are inside the house, its fabric prevents the sun from hitting the facade, and the interior temperature will drop a few degrees ... more comfort and less consumption of air conditioning! Decorator, Rafael del Castillo. The furniture is from Coro.

Armadillo swing

Piece with charme, which gives any corner a playful and romantic air. In addition to design, location is the aspect to consider;
It should be located in that place that offers special views. Hanging from a tree, a pergola or on the porch, with rope, chain or steel cable, it is perfect to contemplate the environment, without hurry. Swing Armadillo, from Point; with cushions (€ 1,932).

Round armchair

Round, as in the most exclusive resorts. To give a sophisticated air to any environment outdoors, model Saint-Tropez, from Maisons du Monde; It measures 1.50 x 1.55 x 0.68 m (€ 599.90).

Luminous yellow on walls

In a few hours, any outer space is transformed by painting the walls in a totally different tone. This porch releases image with a bright yellow light on walls and ceiling!

Shower without installation

Installation of a shower, without doing work. There are models that connect to the hose ... Cooling is that easy!

Blue tablecloth

White is a safe value because of its luminosity, but also because it acts as a neutral base for the rest of the colors. In the dining room of this Mallorcan house, the blue tablecloth evokes the freshness of the Mediterranean. Chairs Nappby Fritz Hansen. Decagon table. Architect, Antonio García-Ruiz.

Winding teak bench

With lamas and natural nuances of wood.
Sinuous bank in teak, from Moycor; measures 1.30 x 0.60
x 0.70 m (€ 460 approx.).

Fox armchair

Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink ... a striking color is a surprise factor that works outdoors. Any furniture of color achieves an enormous impact on the decoration, but if it has an excellent design, like this sinuous piece, it acquires a sculptural air. Armchair Fox, from Sika-Design (€ 715).

Birdhouse with butterflies

The exquisite details add style, color, texture and vitality to the exteriors. Centers with flowers; lanterns or glass bells, where decorative figures can be placed; birdhouses;
or some birdhouses, with birds and butterflies, how are you, are some ideas.

Linen cushion cover

Multicolored prints with watercolor effect, to animate the decoration. Cushion covers, Zara Home, in linen and cotton (€ 19.99 and € 9.99 respectively).

Tableware with floral patterns

Celebrations in gardens and terraces, whether formal and informal, are frequent in the summer season. Striving at the presentation of the table is key to creating a good atmosphere. From Cath Kidston: crockery (92/12 pieces); cutlery (60/16 p) and tablecloth (42).

Blue umbrella

New terrace or garden without works! Only with accessories with colorful designs. Umbrella Papaye, by Maisons du Monde (€ 69.99)

Lantern in pink

Lantern, from Zara Home (€ 29.99).

Hanging lantern

Ready to hang and light outdoor evenings. The lantern Lycian, by Lene Bjerre, can also be placed on a piece of furniture or directly on the floor; It is made of bamboo and is 54 cm high (€ 126.95).

Watering can as a vase

The cheerful note for summer decoration: a shower turned into a vase. In this design, from Ikea (€ 0.99), the flowers have been replaced by grinders Windy, from Butlers (€ 2.99 each).

reclining chair

Long throws, with ideal mats. Outdoor furniture gains style and comfort with them. The reclining chair Fake (€ 89) wears the model Nästön, in polyester (€ 14.99); from Ikea.

Basket with flowers

May flowers always be present! In this basket, created by the Alfabia florist, santini daisies and amarantos are combined.

Synthetic fiber rug

Outdoor rugs? Yes. They make it more cozy
the rooms, dining rooms and solariums. The model Kelim, by Car Möbel, is made of synthetic fiber; It measures 1.22 x 1.83 m (€ 209.90).

Fiber lamp shade

Bet on fiber lamps with large screens. The braid filters the light in a special way ... It is a design by Bloomingville, 45 cm in diameter and 62 in height.

Light blue sofa

Purified aluminum design, upholstered with Dralon, an ultra-resistant acrylic fiber, with a soft touch. Sofa Weekend, from the firm Point, with measures of 2.06 x 0.90 x 0.77 m (€ 2,557).

Isabella bowls

Decorate with household items. Wear the most chic print, such as bowls Isabella, from Bloomingville (€ 9.95), with 11 cm in diameter.

Colored glasses

Without fear, these colored glasses do not break ...
They are pieces, of Primark Home, of polystyrene.

A classic in & out, which is renewed with the mint green tone. Pouf Ottoman, designed in 1951, belongs to the collection Icons, from the firm Sika-Design (€ 379).

Bamboo base table

Bamboo acquires a more contemporary air with contrasting coral tone. Table Aloha, of Maisons du Monde, with bamboo base; It measures 46 x 40 cm (€ 49.90).

Cotton cushion

Create a navy look in decoration with accessories like this. Perfect, cushion print Aquarium, from El Corte Inglés, in cotton (€ 21.95).

Gardening gloves

Protect your hands when you take care of the pots or the garden.

Rattan armchair

A famous backrest in decoration: shaped like a peacock's feathers. It's the P chaireacock, by Maisons du Monde, in rattan (€ 169.90).

Multicolored print

Multicolored prints with watercolor effect, to animate the decoration. Cushion covers, Zara Home, in linen and cotton (€ 19.99 and € 9.99 respectively).