How to choose windows and save energy

How to choose windows and save energy

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Choose quality windows and you will save a lot of money on heating and air conditioning.

What material insulates best? The thermal conductivity of PVC is almost nil, hence its insulating capacity is high. So is that of wood, although this material costs more and requires more maintenance. Aluminum, meanwhile, is a conductive metal: it will only insulate properly if it is provided with thermal break (RPT).

Aluminum with RPT. The profiles of the aluminum windows with this insulating system prevent the inner and outer face of the enclosure from coming into contact and prevents "temperature" jumps.

Type of opening The folding and tilt and turn are the best. The sliding windows do not offer a perfect seal and because of them it is easier for cold and noise to slip.

Tilt-and-turn window. From Leroy Merlin.

Double glass under emissive. This type of glass has a noble gas chamber between them, putting a barrier to the passage of the outside temperature. Three numbers (in mm) indicate the thickness of the outside glass, that of the chamber and the inside. For example, 6-16-4.

Triple glass. They still protect windows composed of three glass sheets and two air chambers. They are usually provided with an acoustic laminate outside and a low emissivity inside. The air chambers enhance the insulating properties. The economic investment in this case is much higher.

Also the blind. It is an important reinforcement that is worth assessing. With expanded polyurethane injected, improves window efficiency. The drawer of the same must also be taken care of to the maximum: its correct installation, its quality and its perfect isolation.

Details to take into account when choosing the window model:

- Materials: Aluminum, wood, iron and PVC. The latter are the most used because they are a good thermoacoustic insulator and a variety of colors and finishes.

- Crystals: They must meet the basic needs of general isolation. In addition, if you opt for double glazing, you will get more security. Low emissivity glasses are also suitable in summer: they reduce the entry of direct solar energy by half.

- Double glazing: The greater the thickness of the crystals and the greater the space between them, the higher the level of thermal insulation. Choose a camera with a minimum of 12 mm. On terraces with windows, Always double glazing and gaskets.

More than an aesthetic issue, changing the old windows means energy savings for the domestic economy. Infographic

- Without noises: The window must be impermeable to air, since it transmits sound waves. The thicker the profile wall and the central joint, the better. A "healthy" noise level inside the home is around 35 dB at day and 30 dB at night. The sound insulation can be improved if the inner glass of the chamber is replaced by a laminated one: two sheets glued and joined by a plastic or PVB sheet.

- Opening system: It helps us take advantage of the space. There are tilting, folding, sliding, pivoting, guillotine type and fixed glass.

- And the blind? Opt for a quality one whose drawer does not harm the performance of the window, but helps improve insulation and energy savings.

- Mixed carpentry. As the name implies, they are made with two types of materials: wood inside and PVC or aluminum outside. They are beautiful but more expensive designs.

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