A vintage closet transformed into a children's reading corner

A vintage closet transformed into a children's reading corner

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Pinterest: Bless'er House

When we insist that you be encouraged to do DIY projects, it is for things like this. And you never know how beautiful that piece of furniture that has been relegated to oblivion for years, or that piece that, a priori, does not fit with your style, but that by reinventing it gains an unmatched light.

In the case of Lauren, the creator of this dream reading corner, the protagonist was a flirty closet of airs vintage He found walking through a second-hand market. After seeing the great potential of the interior space, he decided that it would be the ideal place to receive the books of his little one, but, thinking better, why not also add a reading area?

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The first key was painting. Lauren chose a beautiful silver gray for the doors, and a pure white for the moldings and details.

Inside, as if it were a fantasy forest, the proud mother placed a wallpaper with tree trunks, and a lantern on the ceiling.

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The first two drawers, became an open space that now houses the collection of the small, while on the top, a mattress wrapped by a blanket and several cushions, make up this magical reading corner. It is clear that sometimes ingenuity is worth more than money!

The result is so impressive that it is hard to believe that it is real. Pinterest: Bless'er House

If you want to recreate it in a little house, here is the tutorial.


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