A country house with decoration from yesterday and today

A country house with decoration from yesterday and today

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This country house, made by the architect Jorge Moser, shape part of a farmhouse in El Ampurdán. Before, it was another area of ​​this one, only with bedrooms, but Now, it is an independent duplex with an enviable environment, since it enjoys a large garden. The house, about 40 m2 per floor, it is distributed as follows: downstairs, living room, a patio and a toilet; Upstairs, a spacious bedroom with bathroom.

In the interiors, with the landscape always present, The decoration is based on the fusion of styles. Windows, beams, vaults and clay flooring harmonize with rustic and antique furniture: the table-pallet of the living area and the capitoné sofa These are some examples, but they coexist with design pieces, such as the chairs and the winding pendant lamp in the dining room. Next to it, a metal grid partition, designed by the architect to partially hide the stairwell and its stone walls, it stands out as a decorative element that adds a more texture to the room. On the upper floor, with a bedroom raised as a suite, the spatial organization achieved with a washbasin cabinet, supported by a half partition, is surprising. Elegant and minimalist, it gives more privacy to the rest area

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A small patio becomes another room environment for much of the year. It shares the same pavement of clay tiles and with the doors open, the connection with the interior is total and the circulation is fluid. Watchman and chair, Habitat. Cushions: with letters, from Sia and with hair, from CoriumCasa. Picture, from Cado. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas.

Living room and dining room share space and light

In the living room, where a privileged view of the garden is enjoyed, very personal environments were created with furniture of different styles and the contrast of textures. White sofa, by Ikea. Poufs and blanket with fringes, from Sia. Floor lamps, by Biosca & Botey. Teak table, from Merchant of Venice. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas.

Dining table detail

Table paths, from Sia. Cups and candle holders, by Luzio.

An eclectic dining room

Rustic but with designer pieces, the dining room of this duplex is a unique atmosphere and a lesson in style. To highlight: the originality of the hanging lamp, as sinuous as the chairs. On the right, a metal grid structure reveals the stairs. Chairs acquired in DBarcelona. Mesa, from Merchant of Venice. Cups and candle holders, by Luzio. Table paths, from Sia.

A custom made kitchen

A wooden worktop that is interrupted with the presence of a half partition, and two shelves constitute the only furniture in the kitchen work area. Its online arrangement is the only one possible, due to the elongated floor of this duplex; See map on next page. Bosch appliances. Ceiling lamps, by Vinçon. Kílims, of Gra.

Chromatic harmony in the bedroom

The landscape, the window with its wooden lintel, the beams and the mud pavement make up an evocative country house setting. The satin bedspread, the blanket of hair and the ultra soft carpet bring to this environment so peaceful, sophistication. Gray stone bedspread, from Filocolore. White quadrants and a blanket of hair, from Sia. Other cushions, from CoriumCasa. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Journey to the past

The scratches on the wood and the variations of color show the wear of the table by its use. Together with the flexo, in chocolate brown, it forms a lovely duo in this bedroom. Bedside table, of the Immaculate Conception. Flexo, from CoriumCasa.

The bathroom is in the bedroom

The washbasin cabinet is key in the distribution of the bedroom by dividing the space into two areas: rest and bathroom. Between this design of refined lines and the exempt bathtub, there is a smooth door that blends with the walls. Behind her, there is a separate space, with sink, shower and toilet. Furniture made to measure. Basin tap, from Grohe. Candle holder, from Filocolore.

Rustic details in the bathroom

Towels and carpet with greca, from Filocolore.


- The solutions that are devised in each environment due to the narrow floor of the house and that prioritize the views of the garden and circulation. The kitchen is an example; located in a passage area, next to an exit, it has no partitions. Your furniture? Almost 4 m of countertop and several shelves, all in line.
- Two ad hoc designs that personalize the decoration, optimize space and allow natural light to flow.The metal mesh partition, thinner than a conventional wall, that separates the staircase from the living room; and the double-sided washbasin cabinet, which turns the bedroom into a glamorous suite.


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