A house with country airs

A house with country airs

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This house, located near the illustrious town of Comillas, Cantabria, It is the second residence of a Madrid family. The owners, who had spent the summer as children in the area, wanted to enjoy this land again, now with their three children, in a comfortable and cozy home, and found what they were looking for. The architect, Carlos Ruiz Agüero and the promoter, Pablo Lantero, they worked as a team to build a current and well-equipped home, but with characteristic features that allowed to recreate the typical environments of the country houses. Pablo Lantero, who is dedicated to carrying out personalized projects in Cantabria, participates very actively in the design of the houses, which are separated from the conventional. In this case it was also like that; the goal was that the construction was integrated into the landscape, and that the interior will be bright and spacious. The soft and light colors of the walls and the careful decoration were key to achieve it, together with the ceiling, with exposed wooden beams that transform the space into a more cozy and warm environment. Curiously, all the lookout and carpentry of the house are painted green, a color that unified and gave continuity to the environments to create a visual union between the interior and the wonderful exterior landscape of forests and meadows.

The owners personally took care of the decoration; for this they acquired modern furniture, and combined them with antique pieces, from El Rastro, from Madrid, and from Comillas stores. In almost all the rooms of the house they recreated the rustic style, although they did not hesitate to introduce other designs that personalize the result; for example, a pair of Art Deco armchairs next to the viewpoint and a coffee table with refined lines they surprise you in the living room, while a current and majestic floor lamp illuminates the dining room.
The curtains, with pattern of leaves, and the carpets, of natural fiber, They wrap each space with the naturalness of a country house. The simplicity of rural life is also revealed as a source of inspiration when choosing accessories; unique to provide dose of charm.

Advertising - Continue reading below Entrance hall

An old coat rack and wall clock permeate the hall of this Cantabrian house with tradition. Modern in its construction, the owners managed, with details like that, to recreate the essence of a country house. A striped carpet brings warmth and color to this space with magnificent views to the outside. Coat rack purchased at El Rastro in Madrid. Wooden bench with curved arms, from Molucas. The carpet was purchased on a trip to Morocco.

Living room

The living area was organized around a construction chimney topped by a wooden beam. This and the basket for storing firewood give a rustic character to an environment, where neutrals predominate. Sofas, from Casa & Jardin. Table designed by María Lladó. Above it, alabaster flower-shaped plate, from Meridiana. Cushions, by Antennae and Gastón y Daniela. Blanket, Texture. Curtain fabric, by Málamo.

Living room

The two environments share space, although each one was delimited with natural fiber carpets. The colors provided by the accessories energize the decoration of both. In the foreground, hollyhocks and roses with orange touches on the cushions and the blanket encourage raw sofa upholstery. Behind, the green tones of the dining room evoke the freshness of the exterior landscape. Picture of the dining room, by Esperanza Bastos. Carpets: in living area, Gastón and Daniela; and in dining room, of Málamo. In the image on the right, Art Deco armchairs, acquired in El Rastro, in Madrid, with an upholstery from Málamo.

Seating area

With furniture and designs of other styles the environments were customized. In the living room, a pair of Art Deco armchairs is a focal point, and the dining room lamp, very current, gives greater importance to the dining room. The windows and exposed beams were painted in green, in tune with the landscape. In addition to giving visual continuity to the environments and making them more welcoming, they become a unique architectural element with great decorative value. FLAT


View of the living area from the dining room. Its rustic decoration based on simplicity is completed with a bespoke bookcase to take advantage of the entree created by the work fireplace. It was embedded in this hole and lacquered in the same color of the walls, so that it merges with them and is visually lighter. In the foreground, dishes, of Habitat; and felt flowers, from Antennae. FLAT

Dinning room

To illuminate this environment, we opted for a current design, in contrast to rustic furniture. Instead of a ceiling lamp, a floor model with the screen suspended over the center of the table was chosen; A great solution for environments with high ceilings. Table and sideboard designed by Pablo Lantero. The chairs are from a basketry. Balance floor lamp, by Vibia. Curtains and carpet, for sale in Málamo.

The kitchen

The front walls of the doors and the handles recreate the atmosphere of a rustic kitchen. Only the work area was tiled, with a greater risk of stains and splashes; the rest was painted in white, as tradition dictates. The appliances, the distribution of cabinets up and down, to optimize the space, and the perfect finish of the furniture reveal that the kitchen is current. Kitchen furniture, Isidoro Furniture. The ceramic tiling and flooring and with a handcrafted appearance finish were acquired in Azulejos Delgado.

A corner for the dining room

Located next to a large window, it was decorated with solid wood furniture, austere and robust. Highlights the elegant shape of the back of the chairs with a seat of enea and the traditional utensils on the table. Only the roller blind of the window reveals that the kitchen is a current space. Here, as in the rest of the house, the green beams give warmth to the environment. Rustic chairs, bought at El Rastro in Madrid.


A wall-to-wall shelf serves as a headboard and gives more prominence to the bed. A painting with a flower in the foreground, the comforter and the cushions in pink tones create a more feminine and romantic atmosphere in the room. Carlos Arriaga's painting. Quilt and cushions, Texture. Bedside tables, from Ikea. Lamp, by Habitat.


In the master bedroom a corner of marked rustic style was created, with natural wood furniture and several details. A brass lamp, the vase in the shape of a fishbowl, the floral arrangement, the paintings and the basket accompany a desk and an office chair, which recall the charm of other times. Desk and chair, El Siglo.


The white color, towels and baskets of natural fiber transmit simplicity and neatness to this space. It highlights the design for the sink front. The sink was embedded on a synthetic flown counter and, underneath, the conventional cupboard was replaced by a shelf with several baskets that keep all the toiletries in order. Basin and tap, Roca. Countertop, from Silestone. Towels, Texture. Braided fiber baskets, from Ikea and Zara Home. To the left, comfortable, of Becara and lamp, of Molucas.

In the bedroom

In the master bedroom we opted for a fresher feminine style. A bookshop wall-to-wall with a striking painting by Carlos Arriaga replaces what would be the traditional rustic headboard, in wrought iron or carved wood.


Pablo Lantero, who is dedicated to carrying out personalized projects in Cantabria, participates very actively in the design of the houses, which are separated from the conventional. In this case it was also like that; The objective was that the construction should be integrated into the landscape, and that the interior would be bright and spacious.


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