Luxury tables: Learn to set the table for the Christmas holidays

Luxury tables: Learn to set the table for the Christmas holidays

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It is not necessary to have a porcelain tableware to enjoy a luxury table. Simply use the color well and play with the accessories, to leave your diners speechless.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Copper and silver tones

Trendy colors that next to gold make Christmas shine. In tableware and tablecloths, the copper-white duo enhanced with silver ornaments has been chosen. The result can not be more elegant. Of ten!

2 Special for kids

True protagonists in these dates, the Christmas table must be at your height. Like this one, with a straw dish, a transparent plate and a fun felt pine to bring the Christmas touch.

3 Green I love you green ...

Freshness, delicacy and very simple but effective resources. They are the winning tricks of this table dressed in crockery and white tablecloth on which ornaments, balls and green moss stars contrast.

4 endearing country air

Ultranatural, the raw wooden table has been embellished with individual burlap and decorative elements that give the replica in a vibrant red ... Nor is there a gift-surprise!

5 The charm of simplicity

Prevent tablecloth on a gala table? If it is a beautiful one like this one, of pickled wood, leave it in sight by putting individual the size of the dishes and decorate with vegetable details, balls, a themed napkin ... and voila!

6 traditional flavors

Do you have a good tableware? Accompany it with a cutlery and glass according to the style. Eye, if the dishes are decorated, they will stand out more with plain low-plate dishes. And a fancy mini detail: tie a tag with the name of each guest on a cypress twig.


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