A kitchen with peninsula in orange and white

A kitchen with peninsula in orange and white

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The reform of this kitchen demanded a new approach to the distribution of furniture to take advantage of the space, update its aesthetics and gain a dining room corner without losing storage capacity.

What has been the success of the project? A U-shaped work area, with enough central space to move comfortably between the water, storage and cooking areas. In addition, by placing the ceramic hob in the peninsula, with a very decorative extractor hood, the kitchen wins in presence. The countertop of that module is extended and flies at the outer end to create a breakfast and fast food bar. The white color predominates, which brings luminosity, spaciousness and clean feeling, but it is heated with the orange brushstrokes of the external face of the peninsula and the accessories.

Outcome: A ten in style and organization.

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As accessed on the right, a low cabinet with cabinets was designed that combines doors in white gloss and side in orange, a finish that also covers the exterior face of the peninsula. The front of the drawers and the doors of the rest of the cabinets, both high and low modules, are in white or opaque glass with steel frame.

With the peninsula, work area, storage capacity and a daily dining area were gained. On the hob, only a decorative extractor hood.

Plate, from Siemens. Teka's bell. Stools Wave, of the firm Stua. Microwave, from Siemens. I usually Neusfrom Keraben. On the wall, tiles, from Stanza.

Current and functional distribution

In the reform of this kitchen the original distribution was completely modified to take better advantage of it and update its appearance. The work area was arranged in a U-shape with one of the sides as a peninsula, with the countertop blown as a breakfast bar. It is here where the board was installed. Furniture, by Xey.


Next to the sink were the oven and the microwave in column. At the bottom, a door hides the washing machine. Next, the steel refrigerator and another high module next to it, perfect for use as a pantry or broom. Washing machine, from Siemens. Oven, from Teka.

Cooking zone

Countertop Cloud Aluminum, from Silestone, it widened in the area of ​​the peninsula to use it as a bar and thus gain a office without sacrificing warehouse capacity.

As for the extractor hood, it must have a minimum width equal to that of the hob. The power of the machine influences the extraction capacity but also the outlet tubes.

Sink detail

A steel-finished Franke design, which is embedded in the countertop. The faucet is a model of rectilinear spout in glossy steel, which incorporates the control handle of the flow and temperature at the end of the piece. Do you want a similar model? Vonda, Blanco Griferías signature, has a front ergonomic control.

Recreate the style of this kitchen

With a similar faucet. Evoke, Jacob Delafon (€ 589 approx.), has removable shower and swivel spout.

Coordinated Cristelería in colors

Renew glasses and cups and take the opportunity to introduce color. Model Hive, from Zara Home.

A stool for the office

Accompany a high bar table or a bar. This design is very fun because of the multicolored stripes that decorate your seat. Stool, for sale in Maisons du Monde (€ 69.99).


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