The rule of the three erres: Recycle, reuse and recover parts

The rule of the three erres: Recycle, reuse and recover parts

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We invite you to give new life to objects and furniture that you have forgotten in your house or the storage room. Do not throw anything, reuse!

Update with paint


You like the worn look of this little table by Smithers of Stamford ( The drawers, in three colors, and the countertop and the legs with the natural wood and some rest of the old finish, give a touch retro super attractive. An idea that can inspire you to tune any furniture in your home. You just need paint and stencil templates for stamping letters or numbers and give a chic air to that old fashioned piece ...

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Converted wall staircase in shelving


Your beautiful design It gives a lot of play, and is there, abandoned in the garage ... It has occurred to you that you could give a second life to your old staircase? Transform it into an original bookcase!

This furniture that we show you It is Garden Trading (, but surely you can create a similar piece, as attractive as this one.

If your ladder is in good condition, sand it to remove traces of paint and grease. Do you have wide steps? Remove them with a socket, This will prevent the objects you place from falling.

You can make the plinth with a wooden ribbon. Cut it into three sections that will have the measurements of the sides and the back. Join the steps each piece with white glue and nails and let dry. Finally, secure the shelf to the wall with squares, so that it does not move.

Magic lights for your garden or terrace


Make the most of your patio, terrace or garden during summer nights and create a comfortable corner to relax at the end of the day. A chill out in which to enjoy and disconnect. Lighting will be your best ally. Create a magical space with paper lamps, artificial candles, garland of light bulbs, lanterns ... Hang them at various heights, roll them into a tree or decorate the plants, distribute them on the ground ... As in this signature proposal Ligths4fun.

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Multi hanger

The pots that you use daily it is better to have them on hand. And this system to order them is, in addition to practical, very decorative: a long coat rack, like this one, which they sell at Printer + Tailor, to hang from the strainer to the apron.

The solution is magnificent and you can make your own version with a slat and long wooden spikes (for sale in DIY centers) that you will cut in identical lengths to make the hangers. They stick with white glue and ready.

Bet on the eco

Plastic consumes large amounts of energy for its manufacture, is composed of petroleum-derived substances and takes hundreds of years to degrade. Did you know that it can be recycled to turn it into textile products?

Make cloth with recycled plastic. There are more and more companies, some Spanish of international prestige, that transform plastic into fabrics. The process is as follows: used bottles are cleaned and crushed and turned into thread with which sustainable fabrics are produced. It can also be recycled nylon, which requires half the steps of the conventional chemical process, to be transformed into high quality yarn.

Biodegradable material Use organic bags made with organic cotton to make the purchase in the supermarket. You will find them in fair trade stores.

Handmade fabrics. Making them in a traditional way is another option to make sustainable textiles. Blanca de la Sotilla has launched her own loom, Tunki Crafts, where he creates handmade pieces, such as blankets, cushions and fashion accessories.

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