A beautiful detached house for a happy family

A beautiful detached house for a happy family

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Sarah's Country

After living several years in an apartment, this couple decided to move to a larger house where they could build the home of their dreams with their two children. But the new single-family home needed an urgent reform to adapt it to their tastes and lifestyle. For this reason, they requested the help of interior designer Natalia Novellasdemunt, author of the decoration blog El País de Sarah.

As the family wanted a minimalist, current, practical, cozy and functional home; The first step to achieve this was to remove the gotelé on ceilings and walls.

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With the new smooth walls, the interior designer was able to play with colors and wallpapers. In this way, he replaced the old floor with a laminated parquet in a grayish tone, and in some of the rooms of the house (hall, kitchen, bathrooms and pantry) he used a porcelain floor.

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White is the great protagonist of the new home, seen on walls, ceilings, carpentry, furniture and accessories. However, to provide a greater sense of comfort and warmth in some of the areas (hall, living room, children's bedroom and master bedroom), Natalia decorated one of the walls of each space with wallpaper, adding color and textures in the others.

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The kitchen also enjoys a new look by having removed the old tiles, envelopes and closet fronts. Porcelain is now in charge of coating walls and countertops; and the new fronts shine thanks to a melanin in wood finish combined with another in a grayish tone.

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Next to the kitchen, the old toilet now breathes a fresh and bright air.

Sarah's Country Sarah's Country

On the first floor for the family's rest area, the bathroom was completely renovated. This was made wider to be able to locate a storage space and a larger shower tray.

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The furniture and cabinets that the couple had in their previous home, were reused in the rooms. In addition, to enhance the feeling of comfort and warmth, Natalia chose to cover some of the walls with Nordic style wallpaper.

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After the reform, the house went from having a stale aspect to becoming a warm, cozy and functional home, fulfilling the needs of the family that inhabits it.

And now ... Check out the house before the renovation (and hallucinate).

Walls and ceilings with gotelé, dark and outdated floors, very compartmentalized rooms, bathrooms and kitchen anchored to the past, worn carpentry ... All these elements shaped the original home. Sarah's Country Sarah's Country



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