The new IKEA collection with plastics collected from the Spanish coast

The new IKEA collection with plastics collected from the Spanish coast

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The new Ikea collection, MUSSELBLOMMA, has been developed in collaboration with Seaqual, an initiative formed by 1,500 Spanish fishermen to collect plastics from the Mediterranean Sea.

Tablecloths, cushion covers and a bag are the pieces that make up the new collection that aims to help clean the seas and will be manufactured in Alicante and Valencia. The designer in charge of designing the collection is the Spanish Inma Bermúdez.


Ikea made the announcement during the celebration of the "Democratic Design Days" (June 4 and 5) at the Ikea headquarters in Älmhult (Sweden).


The plastic that will be used in the manufacture of the pieces has been collected from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea by fishermen from Seaqual who in turn collaborate with NGOs, local communities and authorities to clean the oceans from marine debris.

The collection will go on sale in February 2020 in Spain and Italy and then launched in all countries where Ikea has a presence.




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