A rustic style kitchen

A rustic style kitchen

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Created for the latest edition of Casa Decor Madrid by Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla, this kitchen conveys charm and warmth of home at first sight.
It is a project of the firm Deulonder delimited by glass walls through which the integration of this space in the rest of the house was sought. Stresses the inspiration in traditional American furniture and treated wood as the main material due to its warmth. The successful distribution, divided into zones, completes the final success of this kitchen with a spacious dining room next to a traditional grill oven, a large central island as a work table, equipped with two stools, and U-shaped furniture to visually close set.

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The square floor of this spacious kitchen allowed to include a generous central island
work, equipped with a large table with wheels and storage space. An exempt point that attracts attention as soon as it enters through its functionality in addition to the original lamp that the crown, equipped with hooks to hang the utensils.

The kitchen, designed for complete families, needed large appliances. In this sense the industrial refrigerator of the firm La Cornue is perfect, accompanied by a generous wine cellar with independent regulator.

The colors

The use of natural materials and neutral finishes in both textiles and coverings is an excellent resource that guarantees the integration of all elements in the same environment.

For example, the areas seen on the wall were covered with wooden slats installed horizontally and painted with a light tone of the signature Valentine.

Lighting plays a very important role in this kitchen. On the one hand it defines and gives light to each room: three suspension lamps in the dining room, a double with a bar for utensils for the work area and recessed spotlights with auxiliary wall lights for furniture. But it also works as an effective complementary decoration for the whole environment.

The dining room moves away from the concept of fast food in a bar in the kitchen. In this space, the opposite was advocated, an environment created to enjoy family tabletops.

It is chaired by a large wooden table with six fiber chairs and a large wall-to-wall cupboard with integrated grill oven. Everything from Deulonder.


Some decorative elements, such as carpet or lamps, help to visually delimit the dining room and define the separation from the work area of ​​the kitchen.

The coatings chosen vary by location

For example, the floor was covered with a dark gray porcelain, suffered and of high wear resistance. The fronts were also protected with a micro-tile model with white relief. Everything from Neoceramic.

Kitchen furniture

Basses were chosen to clear the fronts and locate open shelves and functional accessories. The U-distribution of the cabinets facilitates freedom of movement while working in the kitchen.

A retro touch

The appliances were chosen from
retro look, although with the most advanced features in the market. Thanks to them, the kitchen
adopt a successful style vintage What a trend.


Table with wheels, shelves and drawers, ideal for the kitchen. From Hübsch Interior (€ 280).

My natural chair

Braided fiber A perfect chair for the office; of Maisons du Monde (€ 129.90).

Cans in dusty tones

They are airtight, practical and very decorative. From the Casa store (from € 5.99 each).


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