A refuge in the Ampurdán for a large family

A refuge in the Ampurdán for a large family

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In the heart of the Ampurdán, in the charming village of Sant Feliu de Boada, a family composed of a marriage and three daughters found a house with garden and pool Perfect for them. Designer Barbara Aurell, from the Espacio en Blanco studio, has been in charge of transforming her interior and porches to match her beauty with that of the surrounding landscape. The colors of the rural surroundings of this area of ​​Gerona and the cuperizado pine wood have shaped the furniture of the porches and the large open space of the house that houses the living room, dining room and kitchen. Esparto, present in blinds, baskets and cacti, is also a nod to local crafts.

To make the space comfortable, flexible and light, Barbara has custom designed some pieces that, in addition to covering the needs of the family, distribute the environments and make the most of the corners of the house, such as the area at the foot of the bed, where he has created a work table that becomes a bench, or the headboard of the same room, whose back is the bathroom closet. Both pieces have been built with microcement in a tone reminiscent of the land of Ampurdán. Indoor and outdoor connected.


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A family found in this house in the Ampurdán, their perfect home. The interior design has been carried out by the Espacio en Blanco studio, which has managed to establish a dialogue between the landscape and the house.

Rich in fibers

The esparto that splashes both exterior and interior spaces is a nod to crazy crafts. The blinds are from La Bisbal. In the picture, the outdoor dining area.

Refreshing porch

Also next to the pool, under a structure built with the same wood as the facade, the interior designer Bárbara Aurell has designed a large sofa with refreshingly colored towel cloth. The mirrors are from the craftsman Javier Sánchez Medina and the tropical wooden coffee tables are from El Mercader de Venecia.

Porch next to the living room

A living and dining area has been created. To have the feeling that the living room is extended to the outside, the porch sofa has been upholstered with the same fabric as the interior and in both rooms the same coffee table has been used.

Center of attention

Coffee tables designed by the interior designer and a pair of wooden chairs from the Eames.

Big art

The wrought iron fireplace is chaired by a large Bruno Ollé painting.

Comfort zone

The sofa is also designed by Barbara Aurell.

Front view

The large common space with the living room (first), the dining room and the kitchen.

Chromatic peel

The upholsteries are mostly from Teixits Vicens and have been selected in a color range adapted to the colors of the Ampurdán.

Open dining room First impression

"The old wooden table at the entrance was acquired at an antique dealer in the area and, on top of it, the Santa & Cole Basket lamp and some Sabine Mercelis mirrors purchased at Palau de Casavells, Gerona," explains Barbara.

Main bedroom

With natural linen fabrics from Güell Lamadrid.

Work and pleasure

The owner wanted an informal work space, so Barbara Aurell designed a table structure that extends in the form of a bench on which a mat with cushions to match the bed has been placed.

Dual purpose

The headboard is, in turn, the bathroom cabinet behind the bedroom. All made in earth-colored microcement from Ampurdán.

Rural and minimal bathroom Outside life

The master suite has a large terrace.

Summer Wind The interior designer Barbara Aurell


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