How to choose the appropriate light in the bathroom

How to choose the appropriate light in the bathroom

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When planning the lighting of your bathroom, you must adhere to a basic criterion: functionality, that is, that there is good general lighting, and spot lights, more specific, that respond to the different activities that take place in the bathroom. You can choose between halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Another important factor is the safety in the bathroom, given the dangers of water and constant humidity when there are electrical appliances. Therefore, all lamps should be properly protected or specific to the bathroom.

Advertising - Keep reading below A good solution to solve the spot lighting in the bathroom is to choose a model with light.

This, when projected on it uniformly, does not cause shadows on the reflected face or produce annoying glare. Magnifying mirror with built-in light (in Ideas Luz).

In the shower area,

install a waterproof bulb to avoid possible accidents due to moisture. Halogen ceiling lamp at Ideas Luz.

A single point of light centered on the mirror can create shadows.

Therefore, if you are going to opt for this formula in your bathroom, you should combine side lights; as in this bathroom, with two niches illuminated by means of hidden light bulbs. Ceramic wall lamp in Trentino.

Place a fluorescent tube on the bathroom mirror.

This type of lamps gives a lot of light, warm and soft, without emitting heat and with a good reproduction of skin tone. Mirror with fluorescent lamp of 18 W. Its measures are 1.05 x 0.70 m in Trentino.

As general lighting for the bathroom,

decorators recommend installing high-power spotlights embedded in the ceiling. Balance this zenith light with points of light on the mirror. Halogen in Leroy Merlin. Apply in Peña Tiles.

Install a series of recessed spotlights in high cabinets;

The light will be distributed over a very wide area of ​​the bathroom. Thus, you will solve the ambient lighting and prevent the room from becoming too cold. Ikea Non halogen recessed spotlights.

Shelves and bathroom cabinets

They should also be well lit so that it is easy for you to locate the toiletries. This was done in this bathroom, in which the work shelf was illuminated with recessed spotlights; To shade the light an aluminum profile was placed. Bathroom decorated by Trentino.

If you are going to install ceiling lamps to illuminate the bathroom mirror,

make sure they are as close as possible to the wall so that they do not produce shadows. Ceiling lamps of Ikea, with round screen of blown and conical glass.

Remember that narrow beam light bulbs

they are more suitable to lightly illuminate the mirror or the shelves of the bathroom, while the wide beam are indicated to achieve a more general lighting. Apply Fartyg and Grundtal mirrors, all, from Ikea.

Choose lamps that fit the style of the bathroom.

In this case, in line with the classic decoration, we chose a gold wall lamp - matching the mirror molding - and a pleated fabric screen. Apply with fabric shade, both for sale in E. Lezcano. Mirror by Trentino.


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