Bougainvillea, the climber star of the garden

Bougainvillea, the climber star of the garden

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The genus Boungavillea comprises more than 12 species native to South America.

The most used variety in gardening is the Graba. Is a climbing bush, Depending on the climate where it is grown, it can be deciduous or perennial. Its leaves are arranged alternately along the stem with small white flowers, alone or in groups of three, surrounded by 3 or 6 bracts of spectacular colors: magenta, red or yellow.

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Transplant. It spreads by cuttings or stakes. If you are going to plant it in the ground, keep in mind that it can reach 12 meters high. If you decide to put it in a pot, make it wide. Place some coffee filters in the drain holes and fill with universal substrate mixed with 30% perlite. Put the plant in, fill and water.

Ccare. It requires sun since the lack of light can cause the leaves to fall. It needs fertile soils and good drainage. In summer water between 2 or 3 times per week.

If you want it to be a bush, prune more or less in half, to activate the production of low stems.

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They need a temperature between 23 and 35º during the day and 18º C at night. It is sensitive to frost.

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