Enclosures: Ideas to gain space at home

Enclosures: Ideas to gain space at home

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Advertising - Keep reading below A very summery lounge

CARING FOR THE TYPE. Before carrying out your reform, keep in mind the opening system that suits you best. Sliding doors do not take place, but insulate worse thermally and acoustically because they need slacks to move. The folding window optimizes the space, but be careful with the tightness of the joints to avoid losing temperature and the number of profiles, so as not to subtract light. With the swing doors you lose room but they are cheap.

GLASS CURTAINS. They are glass closures without any profiles. Its opening is total, moving the leaves by guides and folding completely. Ideal to move from the living room to a garden and integrate both spaces. One of the biggest drawbacks is the legal requirements.
Consult an expert in horizontal property law.

BET FOR A MIX. In large walls, it combines fixed systems in the upper part and mobile systems in the lower part.

A room full of light

CHOOSE THE MATERIAL. After choosing the type of enclosure we want, it is time to opt for the profiles. The most common are PVC and aluminum, but there are also wood or iron. Aluminum is very versatile in terms of its aesthetic and structural adaptation, but its thermal conductivity is high and must be manipulated to provide thermal insulation. PVC perfectly separates the interior from the exterior. It is also resistant and long-lasting withstanding the inclement weather.

QUESTION OF STYLES. Taking into account that the standard finish of PVC is white, and that of aluminum the metallic color, PVC and aluminum are usually associated with more modern homes with more modern designs. But there are more and more finishes in both materials, but the final price of the work will increase. La Redoute environment.

FOLLOW THE STYLE. Look for a carpentry finish that is in line with the rest of the deco.

A glazed dining room

GLASSING It can be simple or double. Do not confuse double window with double glazing. The latter is composed of two or more glass sheets separated by a chamber of dehydrated air or gas, offering a much greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Not only the amount of sheets we put will influence the insulation, but also the thickness of the chamber. In general, the greater the thickness of the space between the two, the greater the energy efficiency and savings.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? If you want light, choose a double glazed transparent glass, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. In bathrooms and kitchens where greater discretion is required, opt for a translucent one. And if your glass is in an easily accessible area and you want more protection, the best, a double glazed security.

DOUBLE WINDOW. It is to put another equal in the external or internal part of an existing and installed one.

A reading corner

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE When doing this type of work, luminosity is sought, but if it is accompanied by heat, measures must be taken. Place curtains or blinds, shade the light and help isolate heat and cold. The awnings will lower the grades in the hottest months. When planning the work, look at the orientation, because if it is south, in winter the heat will accumulate, but in summer it will be a greenhouse; while if it has a north orientation, it will be colder and you will have to put more insulating materials and systems.

CONNECT SPACES. So that our new space does not look like an add-on, but another part of the room, put the same type of floor, match the ceiling with plasterboard, illuminate the new area, decorate following the same style and the same color range and put unifying elements such as carpets. From Bloomingville.

PLANTS TO REFRESH. Plants such as ficus, aloe vera or fern will lower the degrees of your new stay.


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