A house full of contrasts

A house full of contrasts

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"When I found this house, I fell in love with its light and its views. I love the city, I am very urban, but I need nature around me and here I have both." With these words, decorator Mercedes Arce describes the crush she felt for this single-family house of 180 square meters located in the Madrid town of Majadahonda. He made some changes to adapt it to the tastes and needs of her and her family. "I wanted a house with strength, joy and good energy, that, just entering it, you feel good," he says. The wooden floors serve to give warmth and "are a nod to the outside nature", and used white with profusion in all rooms, to achieve a greater sense of spaciousness and luminosity, which enlivened with strokes of more vivid colors.

Inside, Mercedes has mixed pieces that she already brought with her from other houses and designed a new wedge. "I wanted to keep old and inherited furniture that I had but, at the same time, get a house with a modern air. When I started to design it, I tried to convey in it what is inside me and show how I like contrasts: night and day , the moon and the sun, the beach and the city ... ", he explains. The result? "An eclectic and balanced space," concludes the decorator.

Advertising - Keep reading under Black and White Room

Leather sofa from Brianform bought in Zero, Tiffany lamp in the corner, cushions are from Zara Home, pouf was purchased in Ambar and decorative accessories from Becara.

Vegetable touch

On the sofa, painting by A Loja do Gato Preto. The flowers are from Sía and the plants from Los Peñotes.

Past present

The dining room furniture is "a 19th-century piece lacquered in white to make it lighter. It presides over the living room and serves to separate the living area from the dining room," Mercedes explains.

Knowledge takes place

Detail of the shelf "in which the warmth of the wood is mixed with the cold and sober marble".

All black

In the dining room, antique chairs, Zara Home carpet and Namaste table.

Table detail

With Sía orchids and candelabra from Zara Home.

Faithful reflex

A combination of three mirrors from Zara Home and A Loja do Gato Preto in a corner of the dining room. "I have mixed shapes and materials: round and rectangular, baroque style next to the ostrich feathers."

The lounge terrace

With sofas and armchair of Deslan and tables of Green Design. The flowers are from Sía and the painting of the sea is an oil painting by the Asturian painter José Cuadra.

Your corner

"My favorite area of ​​the house in winter and summer. With double height, slate and stunning views of a green sea of ​​trees that ends next to the sky," confesses the decorator.


In gray, white, black and red. The table is from Ikea and the stools from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Applied Girl

"I wanted to take advantage of this space to create a work area. The table and chair are Multisilla and the footrest of Zara Home."


The cushions and duvet cover are from Zara Home, the Habitat lamps and the Maison du Monde painting.

Reading zone

Elizabethan style butacade, picture by Sacré Coeur, acquired in Montmartre, and curtains from Zara Home.


Covered in slate. Towels and details of Zara Home.

Children's room

With bed-nest of Doodles and cushions and quilt from Zara Home.

Bank restored

Mercedes painted the white bench to integrate it into the room. The carpet is from Morocco and Zara home cushions.

Study zone

With a painting overlooking the estuary of Villaviciosa, in Asturias, "a landscape that has me in love", the owner confesses.

Nordic Design

The furniture is from Ikea.

Another study area

With Habitat lamp, Ikea table and El Globo chairs.

All to the white

Detail of the Ikea desk in another room. The chair bought it in The Globe.

Think green

"This area was created for children to have their outer space," says Mercedes. The furniture is from Ikea and the decorative details, from Los Peñotes.


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