Christmas ornaments fun and full of color

Christmas ornaments fun and full of color

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Decoration trick

Crimp several hanging ornaments in a bow or rope and create a Christmas garland to suit you.

Advertising - Keep reading below Christmas ball in the form of a nice sheep

A di Alessi incorporates forms inspired by the Bethlehem portal into his ball collection, such as this cute Pecorello sheep (€ 16).

A very Christmas reindeer

A maxi figure, perfect to place on the floor in a corner of the hall. Deer, from Carrefour Home (€ 5.90). It is made of pen cardboard and measures 77 cm.

Christmas ball with a shepherd's face

Emulating the shepherds of the Bethlehem portal, the firm A di Alessi presents the Pastorello model (€ 16).

A Christmas tree candle holder

Ambient your home with the warm and pleasant light that the flame emits
of the candles. Candelabro Satellite, by Habitat (€ 25).

Christmas ball painted with a star

White ball with a star, Nordic model, by Maisons du Monde (€ 2.90 / 6 units).

Paper ornament for the tree

Bet on a Christmas kraft with paper ornaments like this original Nordal blue figure (€ 5.15).

Fuchsia paper Christmas star

Bet on the crafts these holidays and decorate the tree with figures made by you. Paper star (€ 4.10), from Nordal.

Christmas paper balls in light pink

Paper ornaments are imposed this Christmas, pink ball (€ 19/2), from House Doctor.

Three hanging ornaments on white

This Christmas bets on the white ornaments for your tree, they will give you a cute Nordic air. House Doctor figures (€ 21/3).

Beautiful green translucent ball

With elegant lines and one of the most used colors on these dates: green. Delicacy Ball, from Habitat (above: € 2.50).

A very Christmas ball

A traditional model dotted with stars. It's the Star model in red,
from Greengate (€ 6).

Garland of wooden stars

Add a piece of natural wood to your Christmas collection. Garland, in 90 cm long, of Bloomingville (€ 17).

Christmas bell for the door

You saw the front door of your house. You just have to attach a pendant to the peephole. How about this bell with glitter? It's from Leroy Merlin (€ 1.99 / set of 4).

Elegant plaid ornaments

For fans of catwalk trends, these textile ornaments are an Advent must. The Scottish plaid print devastates fashion and its influence is felt in decoration. Snömys model, from Ikea (€ 6.99 / 6 units)

Striated ball in green

From the Delicacy collection, Habitat highlights this striated and translucent model (€ 1.50).

Christmas tree ornaments in turquoise and gray

In green water. Pendants, from the Mint collection, for sale at home (€ 1.49 each).

Silver ball with stars

Traditionally renovated this silver ball with stars will be the protagonist of the tree. Greengate Star model (€ 6 each).

Gray Bead Star

Craft Star composed of crimped balls, from Bloomingville
(€ 24). It measures 34 cm.


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