A small solar panel that you can use in the window

A small solar panel that you can use in the window

Window Solar Charger

If you have always dreamed of having solar panels in your home, but, well you cannot invest in them at this time, it is impossible for you because you live in a flat in the center, we have good news (even if on a small scale).

And is that the product designer Krystal Persaud, founder of the company eco friendly Grouphug Tech has conceived a solar panel in mini version that only needs one window to work.

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Place the panel in a sunny window and keep it that way for 8-10 hours (it is the time it takes to fully charge). Find out ... and that's it! You can now connect your smartphone, tablet or headphones completely free and respectful with the environment.

The price of the invention? Approximately € 130, but thinking about the functionality and profitability of this small and decorative solar panel, it comes out very, very cheap.

Window Solar Charge Window Solar Charge

More information here.

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