8 wonderful ideas to create a romantic garden

8 wonderful ideas to create a romantic garden

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Are you thinking of creating a romantic atmosphere in your garden? We have had the help of Charlotte Rowe, an award-winning garden designer, and we have asked her to share her best advice on how to transform a garden into not only a place to enjoy with the whole family, but also with your partner as well.

"Think of the best use of space and the interaction of the senses," says Charlotte. "We can divide our garden and create different areas to create interest. Private areas bounded by plant walls, shrubs and trees, or a willow tunnel, can be very romantic."

1. Arches and secret shelters
Going under an arch is like entering a new, hidden world. You can enjoy in your own garden a getaway only with a beautiful entrance arch for the different areas. These can be from a subtle entrance with a hanging willow or as bold as a physical door.
"Create retired places and divisions, far from the playground for children and far from the sight of neighbors," suggests Charlotte.

2. Rest areas
Whether to enjoy alone, or to sit in good company, creating a seating area is always a great idea.

A small bench or a complete set of table and chairs add a lot to the garden and make it more cozy.

A classic, very romantic, is a swing that can be hung from the branch of a large tree (if, of course, you have one) or a frame. This is not only fun for children, but also very relaxing for adults.

"Install beautiful outdoor sofas and ottomans or a workbench and surround yourself with beds of aromatic herbs or a lush mix of herbs and perennials," says Charlotte. "Some may prefer a seat under a traditional pergola or gazebo with scented climbing roses."

3. Lights
Proper lighting can make a space more romantic.

The colored lights are an ideal bet, around the vines, trees or branches. Check out our suggestions on the use of colored lights in your garden here.

Candles are also romantic, but it can be quite tedious for windy days. Use glass candlesticks.

4. Water
Water can add romance, texture and height to your garden. "The sight and the sound of dripping water give an air of serenity and calm," says Charlotte.
You don't need a fountain, rain sticks can create the same effect.

5. Outdoor spa
For the most daring landscapers, an outdoor spa is both relaxing and romantic. A comfortable armchair near a water fountain, a reading corner with hanging bells, or even an outdoor bathroom can help you relax.

6. The statues
Placing a statue in the garden can be very romantic. They also add texture and an argument to your outdoor space.

7. Outdoor life
The creation of an outdoor space allows you to dive into your garden. You can create an outdoor lounge by placing an awning and creating a curtain of hanging vines. If you don't have enough space in the garden, you can optimize the porch for outdoor living instead.

For sky watchers and tree lovers, hammocks are ideal for feeling the elements around them.

8. Flowers
It is very difficult not to fall into the romantic beauty flowers. "The choice of favorite colors and fragrances at the time of planting can transmit calm. Some of our favorite flowers are: romantic peonies, roses, camellias, dedaleras and bells."

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