How to make your own floral wedding bouquet

How to make your own floral wedding bouquet

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To create a modern bouquet with a fresh sensation, start by selecting the most beautiful and formed flowers. If you opt for the classic white, choose species like roses, daisies, water lilies or tulips. Other species such as rosmelias, peonies or fry They will give a very special touch to your bouquet.

Start by removing the lower leaves of the stems so that they are smooth and easier to grip. To provide an intense green among the white flowers, introduce among the species some leaves of feathery or azarero fern.

Create the base of the bouquet with green leaves. Then place in the center, in the form of a crown, the smallest flowers. Put one of the largest flowers in the center and start placing the rest around it so that it is a rounded bouquet.

You can let some flowers grab over others lighter.

Cut the stems about 5 or 6 centimeters from the hand and cover the handle with florist tape. This tape contains glue inside.

Once all the flowers are joined, cover this ribbon with tulle or burlap fabric. To hold it, place a pin tightly attached to the stems.

Finally, place a loop of gauze or silk that ends the grip.

Other more creative ideas are based on making flowers based on cloth or paper. In Green wedding shoes You will find a very easy tutorial to make an original giant flower that stars in the floral detail of your wedding with paper. If you prefer a natural detail, you can be inspired by the ideas of Mondo Floral Design.

Do you dare to wear a DIY bouquet on your wedding day?


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