A beautiful house in Lisbon with soul 'scandi' in an 18th century building

A beautiful house in Lisbon with soul 'scandi' in an 18th century building

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Bruno Barbosa

Located in an 18th century building in the middle Chiado, one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Lisbon, this three bedroom house fell in love as soon as it was seen by its new owners, a young couple with a child. Its luminosity, spaciousness and the central location were sufficient reasons to acquire it. In addition, they played with the advantage that part of the structure could be modified. Therefore, they commissioned the work and decoration to Lígia Casanova.

A small lobby It opened to different rooms. The decorator convinced the owners to throw partitions and leave a spacious living room with three balconies, distributed in different environments. The two were also decisive pillars Untouchables that the interior designer turned into a functional and decorative bookcase, and that also delimits areas. The new space was divided into four zones: a living room, a Nordic style dining room, a corner to rest during the day and another for reading.

The spacious living room communicates with the kitchen, elongated and narrow. It highlights the black and white ceramic tiles, installed alternately. A combination of colors that is repeated in the contrast between the black countertop and the different white elements that we see in the environment: the furniture, the fridge and the office. The bedrooms, like the living area, were also decorated with furniture from the atelier of Lígia Casanova and with pieces from the previous house of the owners. It was important for them to find a place in their new home, because they wanted to keep here also that hygge spirit that had accompanied them for years in their first home. The interior designer fitted every piece of furniture and detail with such success, that it seems that they have always had their place. They even repeat the wallpapers and the pictures with positive messages from his old house. This has been achieved that cozy atmosphere that, now as before, He has filled his new home with happiness.

Advertising - Keep reading under Large lounge BRUNO BARBOSA

Sofa, cushions, lamp, pouf and carpet, all, from the atelier of Lígia Casanova.

In the center of the room, in front of the windows, a gray sofa was placed accompanied by a large matching footrest, which also serves as a coffee table. Both rest on a carpet of the same tone. A floor lamp and a wool pouf complete the seating area.

Behind the sofa, a wooden frame mirror was placed, which visually expands the space and multiplies the natural light that enters from the windows, located just in front.

On both sides of the mirror, work shelves were designed with upper shelves for books. The lower areas were reserved to place two custom-made sideboards, from the atelier of Lígia Casanova. On the ceiling the moldings were respected, which perimeter the living.

Nordic dining room
Inspired by the model Tulip, by Eero Saarinen, the round table is surrounded by designer chairs forming a pleasant space with a world map in the background. Table, for sale in Arper. Chairs, by Vita, Muuto and Arper. Ceiling lamp and wallpaper, from the atelier of Lígia Casanova.

Rich compositions BRUNO BARBOSA

The paintings are a constant in the decoration of the house. In the classroom they not only show pictures and family photos, but also send positive messages. On the bottom wall we see a horizontal composition formed by frames of different sizes and designs that provide dynamism to the daytime rest area. Under them, the Indian bed and the cushions are from the atelier of the decorator.

The original wooden pavement of the house was in an unfortunate state, but had been renovated shortly before the new owners arrived at the house. Its tables with veins and knots were perfectly adapted to the Nordic style, and served as the basis for choosing two key pieces of furniture, also in wood with natural finish: a sideboard, in the foreground, and the TV cabinet, from Ethnicraft.

Well aligned BRUNO BARBOSA

The wall next to the first balcony was furnished with a pair of bookcases, an ethnic bed and a low wooden cabinet with storage space. Above it, a lamp allows reading lying down. Wooden and yellow metal flexo, from Lígia Casanova atelier.

Natural bet
Wood is a basic material in the Nordic style, hence it is present throughout the house: in furniture, floor, carpentry and even in the frames of frames and mirrors, providing warmth. Next to the wood, other materials also attract attention, such as the felt with which the king size necklaces of balls that decorate the wall on the radiator are made.
Necklaces, from the atelier of Lígia Casanova.

Functional solution BRUNO BARBOSA

The house had a couple of pillars impossible to remove because they are part of the structure, so they took advantage. Not only were they preserved, but between them were placed three thick wooden shelves as a shelf in which to place books and decorative objects. In addition, it serves at the same time to separate the different environments from the large living area. Shelves, E15®.

Lobby and parking BRUNO BARBOSA

A pair of wall racks and a closet to leave the coats welcome when you enter the house. The large hall is also used to park the bike, which becomes a decorative piece.

The back of the first bookstore was decorated with an original paper, stamped with the text of an old book; from the atelier of Lígia Casanova. Crochet pouf, from Zara Home.

Good framing BRUNO BARBOSA

Ethnicraft console. Table lamp, by Foscarini.

In the hall was a wooden console attached to the wall. Above it, the panel stands out with wooden frames that are gradually filling up with lovely family photos.

Look change
The unique wooden structure of the glazed balconies, which were updated by painting them gray, was respected. Next to it, a hygge detail: the green plant, which receives natural light. The walls were decorated with a painting and with a composition of dishes that blend in with the atmosphere. Between the dining room and the lounge, a reading corner was created with the armchair Husk, by Patricia Urquiola, acquired at B&B Italia.

In the kitchen BRUNO BARBOSA

Checkerboard floor. Square pieces of black and white ceramic form the pavement of the kitchen and become the protagonists of the decoration, while enhancing that retro air to which the showcase contributes. This color binomial is trending not only as tiles that alternate just like on a chess board. It is also fashionable in the form of cubes with three dimensions that achieve a curious optical effect.

Kitchen storage BRUNO BARBOSA

A showcase with lower cabinets and glass fronts on the top, gives the environment a certain vintage air. Inside, behind the opaque doors, pans and casseroles are stored and sorted, while the most showy pieces of crockery and glassware are visible, as well as the jars with daily use ingredients. Above it, plants were placed - picture on the right. Showcase, from Ethnicraft.

Parallel to the showcase were placed the sink and the ceramic hob, embedded in a dark countertop with a large work surface. To achieve an effective contrast, tall furniture was placed in white and the bell, in tone. In the lower area the appliances were installed - washing machine, dishwasher and oven - and modules with high gloss finish fronts that reflect the original floor.

In the bedroom: Headboard BRUNO BARBOSA

The bed has a custom design. Its surface serves as a bedside table, and blankets can be stored inside. The headboard wall was coated with the same wallpaper used in the hall, from the interiosist's studio.

Desk with natural light BRUNO BARBOSA

The bed was placed in front of the window, without curtains or blinds. A typical trend of the Nordic countries, in which the luminosity is scarce, but that in the center of Lisbon becomes a guarantee of many hours of sun and happiness. Crochet pouf, from Zara Home.

Under the window a corner was created to work at home with sunlight. Table and chair, from Arper. Bank of Ethnicraft. Carpet and ceiling lamp, from the atelier of Lígia Casanova.

Large dressing room BRUNO BARBOSA

A dresser with drawers that alternate fronts in white and wood, occupies the entire wall of the space reserved for the clothes and accessories of the owners. In front, two donkeys were placed separated by a bench to put on and a mirror XL supported on the wall. Under the window a custom-made drawer was placed. Ceiling lamp, from the atelier of the decorator.

Blank bathroom BRUNO BARBOSA

In front of the bedroom is the bathroom, with shower and decorated in white.

Here we also find positive messages, which hang from the drawers.

Washbasin cabinet, from Ikea


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